How Long Does PMP Training Take?

You want to get your PMP certification, but you need to get training for the exam. It can be confusing – there are ads out there promising to train people in four days, for example. Is that realistic? 

This post will clear things up. Here’s a basic breakdown of how long pmp training can take. 

What Do I Need To Be Eligible? 

The first criteria that are measured is your level of education. If you attended a four-year college, you only need 36 months of experience and 4,500 hours (roughly 6 months) of leading projects. If you have a high-school diploma, the bar is raised to 60 months and 7,500 hours (nearly a year). 

This means you need to have experience under your belt. It’s a way to ensure that the most worthy people are certified. You will also need to have taken a 35-hour course to learn what is on the test. 

Can I Be Ready In 30 Days? 

When searching for PMP training, you may find places that offer you the ability to prepare for the test in 30 days. Just know that it will be a very time-intensive way to do it – you will have to devote many hours each day. 

How Long Does It Usually Take? 

Setting aside the class time, a general rule of thumb tends to be roughly two months of preparation time for the PMP test. That is also taking into consideration things like other commitments. You know yourself best, though.

It all really comes down to several factors: 

  • How much time you have to study a day
  • Your budget for things like coaching or tutoring 
  • How well you can absorb the material that you are studying 

Some people can devote many daily hours, while others can only squeeze in a few each day. It’s important that you know yourself and goes at the pace that best suits you. You want to get the best results, after all.

Ideally, you want to do all this training so that you can pass the test on your first try. It is a sizable amount of money to take it – nearly $600 or so. You don’t want that to go to waste. 

See how you are doing in the certification class and gauge whether you need a consultant. Then you will get a better idea of what you need to do to be confident that you will pass.