How To Clean Up After an Office Holiday Party

How To Clean Up After an Office Holiday Party

The holidays are a fun time to get together with friends and family and even learn about different cultural backgrounds and the history of each celebrated holiday. But as we prepare our lists and find the best family recipes to display at every holiday work party, we also need to remember how to clean up and understand the holidays we’re celebrating. So, here’s a guide on how to clean up after an office holiday party.

How To Celebrate Different Holidays

When celebrating any holiday, it’s important to note what day it falls on and sort through the best ways to plan out fun celebrations that make all workers feel included. Here are a few ways to plan out different holiday parties for workers of all backgrounds.

  1. When planning a specific holiday event, find employees who celebrate the holiday and collaborate with them to design the holiday party accurately.
  2. Mark your calendar with each holiday that employees on your team may celebrate. Send out a survey to every staff member to get to know them and their background better.
  3. Make every holiday celebration a neutral zone. In other words, if a specific holiday comes up that an employee doesn’t feel comfortable attending, listen to them and be respectful of their decision not to attend.

The Benefits of Celebrating Holiday Inclusiveness

Many holidays fall toward the end of the year, which could spark debate and misunderstandings regarding the importance of celebrating every holiday in the workplace. However, when you bring others together, you help build a stronger community and better understand each other.

The best benefits of celebrating multiple holidays are diversity and inclusion. When we represent different backgrounds of other employees during the holidays, we help others feel seen and involved while at work.

How To Clean Up Post-Holiday Party

As you prepare for the holiday event, it’s essential to keep a few holiday clean-up tips in mind when doing post-event clean-up.

When decluttering, focus on high items, such as shelves, desks, chairs, and counters. Decluttering these spaces first makes the process go by faster. Then, as you clean, wipe down all areas with disinfectant spray and wipes.

Plan out every part of your party. As you plan, coordinate with management about how long clean-up will take and what supplies you need to purchase before the party. For example, if you have a lot of decorations, you’re going to create bigger messes that result in longer cleaning times.

As you clean up, use odor neutralizers on the floors and surfaces. Cleaning different surfaces is an example of deep cleaning, which is different from standard cleaning.

As we celebrate the different holidays, we need to learn the importance of including all cultures and know how to clean up after an office holiday party. Bring the entire team together for holiday parties includes everyone and recognizes every employee’s background and beliefs.