How to Foster Community with Your Neighbors

It’s important to form good relationships with your neighbors and community. After all, you’re likely to see your neighbors daily. Here are some ways that you can put your best foot forward and create more meaningful relationships with your neighbors to the benefit of your whole neighborhood.

Offer to Help Out

Especially if you’ve got some new neighbors, there are plenty of opportunities to extend a helping hand. From insider tips on the best coffee shops to catching them up on local events, offering some of your community knowledge can go a long way in making your new neighbors feel welcomed. 

A great way to be a resource to your new neighbors is to leave them a welcome letter that serves as an easy resource for your best recommendations.

Organize Community Activities

Once your new neighbors are settled in, this is a great time to organize your own community activities and to offer an opportunity for your neighbors to meet the block. 

A little friendly competition always helps, so why not try to turn the next community clean-up into a scavenger hunt? You can make teams by family and even offer a prize for whichever team checks off the most items. Finish off the day with some pizza for a chance to mingle and introduce your new neighbors to the community.

Maintain a Positive Atmosphere

A little kindness goes a long way when new families move into your neighborhood, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be a good neighbor. Everyone benefits from stronger community relationships, don’t be afraid to step up and help your new neighbors out.