How to Get Healthy and Gorgeous Hair

Our hair is our most beautiful accessory. When your hair is looking voluminous and shiny, you get that much-needed confidence and you are ready for a big day at work, a first date, or any other challenging and special event, as that is how important hair is for any woman in the world. The beauty of our locks truly is incredibly essential to us, and it makes a difference between a good day and a bad one. That is why it is crucial to keep our hair looking shiny and healthy. Brittle, dry, and frizzy hair is a sign that you are not taking proper care of your locks. However, this can be changed. We bring you a few tips on how to get long, healthy, and voluminous hair that will make you look stunning and feel amazing every single day.

Regularly cut your hair

Many girls avoid going to the hairdresser and trimming their ends as they want to grow long hair. This can have a counter effect, as split ends cause your hair to look dry and unkempt. So, the best practice is to visit the hair salon every two or three months and have your hairdresser only remove the dry, split ends. This will instantly give more volume and shine to your hair, without losing much in its original lengths. What is more, if you stick to this routine, in a few months you will notice that your hair seems to be growing much faster and looking more beautiful than ever. This is because in this case, the hair will be healthy in all its length.

Clean your brushes and combs

One of the reasons why your hair is looking lifeless and gets greasy easily may be the fact that you rarely or not at all clean your hairbrush and hair comb. Basically, all the oil from our scalp, as well as the residues of hair conditioners, leave-ins, hairsprays, etc. gets caught up in our hairbrush and mixed with the dust, that is also present in our bathrooms, gets transferred onto our hair as we brush through it. Additionally, the damage can be greater if you have a hairbrush of very poor quality, which can not only make the hair greasy but can also break it. The best solution for this is to invest in a few high-quality hair brushes so that you always have a clean hairbrush in your bathroom, but also a mini version in your makeup kit and one ready for when you go on a trip. Once a week or every few days, soak all the hairbrushes and hair combs in your sink, mixing water with a bit of shampoo or liquid hand soap. Leave them to sit for half an hour and then wash with clean water and let them dry till the next morning. You will be amazed at how this little hack will transform your hair into a gorgeous, voluminous mane.

A healthy diet promotes healthy hair

We often tend to go for various hair products to help our hair grow faster and thicker. However, although this part is important, it is also essential that we take care of our diet. The vitamins and nutrients we intake with our food help our hair be in good condition, so it is recommended that we eat enough protein, as this promotes hair growth. Fish, eggs, meat, as well as beans, lentils, berries, and spinach are just some of the foods that are rich in proteins, but also in other helpful nutrients, such as vitamins C and E. Doctors often suggest that eating a diet low in iron and omega 3 fatty acids, as well as the lack of zinc, can be one of the causes of hair loss and damage. Thus, eating well-balanced meals with plenty of nutrients will help you feel much better and will help your hair look stunning. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to drink enough water, as water helps the hair to grow and keeps it shiny.

Turn the temperature down

This advice applies both to shower water temperature and the temperature of your hair styling devices. Firstly, you should turn down the water temperature as you are finishing and doing the final rinse of your hair. If you finish with a quick, cold rinse of the hair, it will help lock in all the nourishment the hair got from the mask and conditioner, and will also help the hair to look shiny and be frizzy-free. Secondly, you should try to use as less heat when styling your hair as possible. If you still feel like you need, for example, to touch up your curls with a curling iron, don’t forget to use a heat-protecting spray and set the curling device to a lower temperature. This will minimize the damage and will also make the hair less frizzy.

In conclusion, we can say that healthy hair is gorgeous hair. Follow these tips, have patience and lots of love for your hair, and you will see the marvelous results. Your hair will become healthier and longer, and you will get more confidence.