How To Run a Successful Locksmith Business

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If you own a locksmithing business, you’ll obviously want to have as many customers as possible. To achieve this, you’ll have to adapt your business strategy to the market and the needs of your clients. It sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done. If you’re wondering how you can get your locksmithing business to new heights, take a look at a few of our helpful tips. 

Create a coherent business plan

No matter what line of work you’re in, you always need a plan of action. When you run a locksmith business, you can’t just wing it and hope things will turn out well. With a good business plan, you can set things into motion and aim for growth. 

Start with a market analysis. Will you be successful if you open a business in a particular city? If there’s an overabundance of locksmiths, you have to account for competition affecting your profits. Analyze trends in the market and see what people want most of all. If 24/7 emergency locksmiths are needed, you have to know this in advance before you create a business strategy

Train locksmiths effectively

Many locksmiths work alone, but just as many are employed in a larger business. Either way, they need to learn as much about their craft as possible in order to stay competitive in this line of work. If you have locksmith employees, you should organize training for different kinds of locks and techniques. 

Workshops can help get new team members up to speed. Have your veteran locksmiths teach them a thing or two about the craft, as well as how to handle customers. With the right approach, you can make onboarding in your business a quick and effortless process.

Market your business

The way your market your company can have an enormous impact on your influx of clients. For starters, you should always strive to let your work talk for you. If you create a good locksmithing business, it’s likely that customers will find out about it through word of mouth and recommendations. This is how locksmiths often get the word out about their quality. 

However, in today’s competitive climate, it helps to use some actual marketing as well. You should put up posters, flyers, and ads in the paper to get the attention of prospective customers. Social media can come in handy as well. Create pages on all the major platforms and advertise your business online. It will have a great impact on your website’s SEO, and more people are likely to call you if you show up on search engine results pages. 

Offer emergency services

It should come as no surprise that many customers that need locksmithing services don’t plan on it in advance. While you can call a locksmith to replace your regular locks when you need to, you probably don’t expect to be locked out of your car or house in the middle of the night. Both situations require the help of a locksmith, but the latter is more of an emergency. 

A locksmith that’s always available and on the move will always be in demand. When stuck in a sticky situation, a customer will need the help of a mobile locksmith that works around the clock. If you can offer these kinds of services, you’ll have plenty of customers, and many of them will save your number for future needs. 

Get quality tools

A craftsman is only as good as his tools, and this applies to locksmiths as well. High-quality tools make it easier to complete a job, and they don’t break nearly as often. While practicing on second-hand equipment is an excellent choice, you should get the good stuff for working with clients. Lockpicking kits and lockout kits are essentials for getting a door open, so you shouldn’t skimp out on them. 

Other supplies you’ll need include generators, key duplicators, and kits for re-keying. It’s recommended that you research the best tool models out there. This will help you get a good idea of where you can find quality equipment. Asking around on locksmithing forums and groups can also provide good results.


Locksmithing can be a complex business, especially if you want to stand out from the competition. There are plenty of ways to invest in your company to improve its performance, whether it be with new tools or better training. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind, and you won’t lack for customers any time soon.