How to Sleep Better During Summer


During the hottest nights, it can be a challenge to fall asleep comfortably. Due to the change in seasons, you must have the necessary beddings and other essentials in your sleep environment to adapt to the different temperatures. Summertime should be a time to enjoy both the day and night and not dread to head to bed at night. Thus, as you change the setup of your bedroom, use cool and fit things for summer temperatures. In this article are ways to sleep better during summer. 

Use a luxe linen duvet cover 

Use fabrics that are good for summer during this time. Linen is one of them, and it is the best to replace your usual duvet cover. It is breathable, it has a looser weave, and it is made out of flax. If you feel like it will be a challenge adjusting to the linen fabric feel. Start with a linen duvet cover first to get used to the feel of the duvet. The beauty of linen is that it softens with each wash, and with time you can buy an entirely new sheet set.

Darken your room at night 

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If you get exposed to light in the morning hours, you sleep better than those who were not. A dark room helps a lot promote peaceful sleep. In the morning, ensure you get the light coming to your room to help your body clock know the day is coming. This helps your body be ready to wake up before you wake up. Hence, why most people are against black-out curtains for they keep the light out in the morning. Thus, opt for a sleep mask instead. 

Switch to lighter bed linens 

If during winter, you prefer using navy blue or dark gray beddings. Switch out to lighter colors during the summer season. If you have none, buy some, and you can get the best rated 2021 mattresses to ensure you are sleeping on a comfortable bed. Having a lighter hue, comfortable mattress, and other beddings is a start to sleeping well in summer. Plus, it feels cooler with light colors than with darker colors. Even though there is no sun for hours and the sheets cannot reflect or absorb light. Lighter colors trick the mind it’s cooler.

Develop good sleep habits 

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It is not only about the beddings and the sleep environment. Consider the sleep habits you have as they affect how well you sleep at night. The better your sleep habits are, the more your brain associates the habits with sleep. It could be a nice book to read, a warm bath to wind down, writing a gratitude journal, or gentle stretching. Choose a practice to follow at nighttime and do it as a ritual until it becomes a positive sleep habit.

Skip the top sheet 

At least for the summer season, skip the top sheet. Cutting down on the number of layers is the most affordable and easy way to keep your bed cool. If you love using the top sheet during the winter season, during summer, skip using it. Avoid ditching the top sheet fast and have a linen one in the closet to use on hot nights in place of a quilt or duvet cover. 

Follow a consistent sleep schedule 

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Having a sleep routine where you go to bed on time and get up on time is vital. But you still have to be realistic. Sometimes late nights happen, and it is fine if it is once or twice. But on most other nights, try to stick to your usual sleep times, and it will follow through. If you have children, have a sleep schedule for them too that they follow to make it easier for everyone to have a night routine.

Use a versatile quilt instead of the duvet 

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Swap out your duvet during winter for a versatile quilt. Also, skip the duvet and all the inserts for they give a lot of warmth. If you want the coziness of the duvet, the duvet and inserts are warm and heavy enough for a summer night. Instead, use a versatile quilt. Buy a double-sided quilt, one with a cotton or linen side, and you can use them alternatively on preference.