How to Start a Skincare Business [A 5-Step Guide]

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Did you know that the skincare industry is expected to grow by almost 5% by 2025? This makes it a very lucrative industry to work in. If you know how to get started, you could benefit from this huge growth. 

While the industry is tough, it is not impossible to create a profitable company right away. Read on as we discuss how to start your own skincare business

Look for Opportunity

When starting a skincare business, you are entering a very competitive field. To get one step ahead of the competition, you need to look for opportunities in the market. Which area or demographics are not being catered for?

You may find people want certain ingredients, such as organic products. Perhaps a certain price range is lacking in skincare products. Even the packaging can help distinguish you from the competition. 

Source a Product

Once you see the opportunity you need to get a product. If you have a small skincare business, you may even decide to make your own. However, for many people, you will need to find a supplier. 

Decide on an overseas supplier or domestic. If you are buying from overseas, you may decide upon a dropshipping method of supply. If you want to take it one step further, you may get the product manufactured especially from companies such as BPI labs

Build a Brand

Once you have spotted this gap in the market, you can start to build a brand around it. This starts with your product name. Follow this up with a logo, and decide on the packaging theme. 

Your brand will need a story. People want to know what your objective and mission statement is. Make sure they know what your company is about and how it operates in your story.

Begin Marketing

Without marketing, no one will know your product line even exists. Luckily, there are numerous ways you can market your new business. 

Starting a skincare business online is a great way to begin. You can leverage social media, creating videos and helpful guides. You may even choose to set up a website and create blogs and articles to attract search engine traffic. 

As good as selling online is, word of mouth should never be underestimated. Let friends and family trial products, and talk to people in the local area about your business. These are often the first people to buy products in the early days of your business. 

Make Pre Sales

One way to get your business off to a flying start is to take preorders. Advertise your product heavily, and offer a small discount or incentive for people who order in advance. This way, you will have an immediate source of income to order your next wave of products and start making a profit. 

Sustaining Your Skincare Business

Once you have done this, the hard task of sustaining your skincare business begins. Encourage customer loyalty and keep people coming back to you. Keep interest going by bringing in new product lines and designs. 

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