How to Write a High-Quality Job Description That Attracts the Right Talent


A lot of recruiters don’t realize that a job description is vital to the hiring process. It can have a lasting impact on your hiring process. At its core, a job description is an advertisement that sources applications from job seekers. And the point of drafting a good job description is to find someone who can add value to your organization. Here’s a look at the role a job description plays in your hiring process – 

  1. A Poorly Written Job Description Attracts the Wrong Applicants: Always draft the description with your target profile in mind. If not, unqualified candidates may assume that they fit the description and apply.
  2. Lack of a Job Description Slows the Recruiters Down: Recruiters need good job descriptions to find the candidate best suited to your organization. If recruiters need to re-draft or improve the JD, it slows the hiring process down.
  3. If a Job Description is Unclear, You May End up Hiring the Wrong Candidate: Your job description needs to give the reader clarity about the work expected from the candidate you want to hire. 
  4. Consistent Use of Poorly Written Job Descriptions Can Lead to a Higher Employee Turnover Rate in Your Organization: If most people are not given clarity about the work they need to do before they are hired, it could lead to a high employee turnover rate. 

The Step-wise Guide to Writing a Perfect Job Description

  1. STEP 1 – Finding a Suitable Job Description Template

A simple online search turns up multiple options for a Job Description Template that you can download and use to draft a perfect job description. 

  1. STEP 2 – Add the Official Internal Job Title

Add the official title of the position you’re recruiting for. Make sure the title is accurate and describes the work someone in that position would do.

  1. STEP 3 – Write the Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph should summarize the role and create curiosity among the right candidates to know more.

  1. STEP 4 – Describe the Essential Roles & Responsibilities

Your Job Description should explain the roles and responsibilities of the candidate you wish to hire. It should explain all the essential terms shortly and understandably.

  1. STEP 5 – Describe the Required Skills & Qualifications

List down all the essential skills, qualifications, and experience needed to perform the job. Ensure that you distinguish between required qualifications and desired qualifications.

  1. STEP 6 – Define Success & Milestones the Candidate can Achieve if Hired

Add a few lines about the standards that your organization expects the candidate to achieve in the role you’re recruiting for. 

  1. STEP 7 –Mention the reporting authority

Every organization has a hierarchy. Talk about the reporting authority whom the hired candidate will work with and report to in a couple of lines.

  1. STEP 8 – Verify the completed job description with the HR manager and hiring manager

Run the finished JD through the hiring manager and the HR manager to make sure you didn’t miss any important detail.

A job description needs to give the applicant a fair idea about what to expect if they are hired at the position. You should always include the above-mentioned points and try to give as much clarity as possible. If the candidate has the right expectations, you could end up lowering the employee turnover rate with the help of these job descriptions.

Author Bio: Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager for Jobsoid, an applicant tracking system, leading the content and social media teams. Her expertise and experience in the field of HR enable her to create value-driven content for her readers, both on Jobsoid’s blog and other guest blogs where she publishes content regularly.