How To Write Best Argumentative Essay Like a Professional Writer

Confused about how to write a top-notch argumentative essay? Thinking about how to go about it? The good news is you are doing well and landed at the right place. This article is custom-made for you. So go through these tips for argumentative essays and score the grades you desire. 

Choose a Right Topic For Your Essay

Argumentative essay writing can be challenging depending on what you’re writing about. If you choose a topic that interests you, you’re more likely to write a masterpiece. Your interest in that area will allow you to comprehend the topic better and give strong arguments. So, how to choose the right topic for yourself? Here is what you need to do:

  • Sit down in a comfortable and distraction-free area in your home.
  • Brainstorm topic ideas that sound intriguing to you.
  • Do some research on your shortlisted ideas.
  • Select one topic that has good online sources and data.

Following the steps mentioned above will allow you to choose a topic to develop great ideas and evidence. 


Dig For Data

After choosing the topic comes the crucial stage: researching. If you want your paper to leave an impression, you need to present unique ideas and strong evidence to back your ideas or arguments. For that, you will have to spend a good amount of time reading various sources. Extensive research would help you gather credible and interesting data that will make your piece stand out. So, never start writing your piece after choosing the topic. Instead, allocate time for reading and researching. You may be confident that you are well-aware of the topic. But, when you do the research, you’d probably be surprised to know a lot more. Spending time on your research is never a waste of time. Instead, it will help you write better and make you proud of your assignment. 

Besides, if you want to save yourself the bother of tracking your sources for referencing, ensure you note them down during the research. The better way to do it is:

  • Create a word file.
  • Copy and paste the source links in the file while you’re going through them.
  • Write down short references in front of each link, such as Graham, 2020 (violence in video games) or anything that will help you remember what the link is about. And what evidence you’d be using from it. 

Doing so will help you write your evidence and do citations without any hassle. In addition, you will not have to go online and search again for the sources you read and found relevant. 

Write a Good Introduction

After you’re done with your research, make sure you start with an appealing introductory line. This sentence is based on the research you have already done. Simply put, the time you spend reading various sources will help you come up with an intriguing fact, anecdote or controversy. This fact, anecdote, or controversy will serve as the best hook for your introduction. Hence, this will help you sound and write like a writer who is experienced and professional. After the hook, you may rephrase your title, followed by the thesis statement. Your introduction should reveal your position so that the reader will know what to expect in the body. These are a few basic and crucial elements of a great introduction. So, make sure your introduction has all of them. And, don’t forget to use simple yet topic-related vocabulary to create a great first impression. After reading your first paragraph of the essay, the reader must be happy to read further. Besides, your first paragraph must allow the reader to know how competent you are and how strong the rest of your piece is.


Include Your Thesis

This statement will allow the reader to comprehend what your paper is about. And, what are your key arguments? The central idea, which is the thesis statement, should be crafted critically. The idea of your paper revolves around the thesis you put forward. Make sure the essay has relevant information, facts, and figures that support your argument. A perfect argumentative essay also includes counterarguments that help a reader to distinguish between the two. You have to anticipate and address obvious counterarguments in your essay. Questions arise in the reader’s mind while reading your paper. A good writer knows how to use these reservations in convincing the reader. Give them rebuttals on their point of view to prove your stance. Never undervalue your thesis with loose language. Be assertive in your approach to the argument. Think out-of-the-box ideas and arguments that help you leave an impression on the reader’s mind. The thesis statement sets the tone of the draft. One or two powerful sentences describing the paper’s main idea are most of the time part of the introduction paragraph.

Start To Write a Body

Wondering what makes a paper stand out in the examiner’s eye? The one which has a perfect flow. Good grades are guaranteed if the write-up is flawless. Flow is the structure of your essay. Make sure the draft is divided as the usual intro, body, and conclusion formula. The body of your paper may have 3 to 5 paragraphs depending upon your word count requirement. Each paragraph should have an idea with examples, facts, and research work that backs up that argument. Make sure the paragraphs connect throughout the paper. The cohesiveness of content makes it easy for the reader to grasp the concept or idea you are selling. 

Moreover, essay writing help online is also available to guide and assist students in crafting a top-notch argumentative essay. Make sure to explore all the options wisely to score high grades. The quality of the paper is directly proportional to how well the body is crafted. 

Make a Strong Conclusion

A good writer will never leave the reader guessing. Make sure you close all the doors to a point of view other than yours. The conclusion is your last chance to bring the reader to your side. However, you may not be able to introduce anything new as an argument in this part. Play with powerful sentences and luring vocabulary to advocate further on your thesis. Finally, conclude your narrative of the essay in a way that doesn’t leave the audience confused.

Now you have an in-depth understanding of how a good argumentative essay is crafted. Next, make sure you follow what you have learned through the article. These tips are advised to students after being searched for analysis on writing different types of papers. So get started—best of luck. 

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