It’s All About Image – How To Wow Your Clients From The Start


First impressions count for a lot in this world, and that’s particularly true in business. While a great initial impact won’t secure conversions alone, there’s no doubt that it’ll put you on the right track. But if prospective clients feel underwhelmed at the start, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll take their business elsewhere.


The need to make a positive first impression could not be clearer. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most challenging aspects of all. Learn to master the eight points below, and you’ll be sure to set the right tone time and time again.


Know Your Place


Planning is crucial in all aspects of business, especially when trying to please an audience. A lot of companies fall victim to the concept of being overly broad. So, yours can instantly boost its hopes of success by finding your target market.

Building an accurate ​ideal consumer profile​ before you’ve started will provide guidance in a host of areas. From settling on color schemes to deciding which features of customer care are required, this precursor is vital.


It’s better to succeed with one audience than fail with them all. Even if yours is a specific niche, there will be a big enough market for immediate and long-term success.


Invest In Your Staff


Employees are the greatest asset at your disposal, but not only due to their productivity.

They are an extension of your brand and should be a reflection of all the great work you do. Go the extra mile for them, and they’ll do more for your customers.


There are plenty of ways to ​get more out of your employees. Don’t forget that simple ideas like staff uniforms and sales scripts may improve the interactions with clients too. Once the team provides a sense of consistency, you cannot go wrong.


The majority of client interactions will be handled by them. Do not forget about it.


Make The Most Of Your Website


The company website is the greatest weapon in your arsenal. Getting them to visit the site is one thing, but keeping them there is another altogether. The appearance, loading times, and content all need to be in top condition.


Whether you like it or not, this is a job for a specialist. Experts at ​Avex Designs​ can build the eye-catching website that looks perfect on mobile screens as well as web browsers. Presenting products in the right way and utilizing solid ecommerce systems should remove a barrier.

Use a blog to give clients another reason to revisit, and conversions will soon follow.





Be Visible Across Multiple Channels


While the website is undoubtedly your greatest tool, you must not ignore the plethora of other resources. A strong SEO strategy will send organic traffic rates through the roof and should be top of the agenda.


This should be supported by a strong social media presence too, not least because over 70% of internet users are on at least one of those platforms. Ensure that the images are ​set to the right dimensions​. Use automatic publishing for content. And respond to users on those platforms.

Paid advertising is another excellent tool as it will let consumers know that you are serious too.


Gain Referrals


While building a strong marketing strategy is crucial, you must not overlook the power that word of mouth can bring. Irrespective of how fantastic your ad campaigns may look, clients are stupid. They’ll respond far better to the words of impartial outsiders.


Most customers will provide feedback if you ask for it. Sign up to Google My Business and email existing clients for reviews. The testimonials will have a telling impact on prospective customers, and can often be the telling factor that gets the first sale over the line.


Running an affiliate strategy is another great way to encourage positivity to spread.




Master Customer Care


First and foremost, providing great customer care should have a big impact on the company’s ability to gain recommendations. In truth, though, the benefits don’t end there, which is why you must pay attention.


Gaining a client’s trust is essential if you are going to secure a sale. Making your contact details easy to find will have a positive impact while Live Chat​ and virtual assistants can aid the cause too. FAQs and a strong social media presence should also help.


Put client fears to bed before they’ve even used your service, and they’ll be far more likely to buy.


Combine Offline And Online


There’s no doubting our reliance on digital marketing in today’s climate. Even if your business still has an offline store, you will use the World Wide Web to build interest and impress clients. Then again, you’d be very foolish to dismiss the benefits of offline marketing.


Promotion days and networking events are a great starting point. After all, freebies encourage new clients to make a mental connection between your business and value.

Likewise, the materials will serve as a regular reminder that keeps your brand fresh in their minds.

Create QR codes on printed materials to send them to your site too. This modern touch is very impressive.





Be Transparent


People buy people, and that will never change. Therefore, whatever your company does, it must show its personality and connect with the clients. This builds trust and likeability. Moreover, it’ll give you the best chance of understanding what your audience wants.


If your venture is exclusively online, the lack of face-to-face interactions can be a problem.

However, building a clear brand image like these companies​ will soon overcome this issue. Besides, if your team has fun while working, it will shine through.

You cannot expect clients to be excited by your brand if even you fail to show that enthusiasm.


The Final Word


A great first impression will only get you so far in business, but its importance cannot be emphasized enough. This is where many companies fail, and using the suggestions above to master this part of the operation will give you a significant advantage.



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