Leading Value Propositions

In today’s mobile environment, it can be difficult for your company to differentiate itself from the competition. Some billion dollar business believe value propositions are a way for your company to lead in their industry. These short, inspiring words can instigate the first judgment a consumer makes about your company. This is why value propositions take time and strategic thought before solidifying on a final copy.


There are many different strategies for writing a value proposition. Don’t exaggerate your abilities and adding contextual images are two strategies CleverTap recommends for writing a value proposition that is clear to users. Both of these strategies are derived from Instacart and Nextdoor, two billion dollar companies.


An easy way to get in some trouble with consumers is overselling a product or service. Instacart’s value proposition avoids this by including “in as little as 1 hour” instead of “in 1 hour.” Guaranteeing a service and not performing to the standard results in frustrated users. Instacart doesn’t over promise and adds value by explaining consumers can expect speedy grocery deliveries.


In essence, consider identifying your distinguishing factor as a company when writing your value proposition. This can help persuade consumers to purchase your product or service. The Instacart example persuades consumers to purchase their service for the competitive delivery time. More value proposition examples are located in CleverTap’s value proposition writing tips infographic. How will you make your value proposition lead?



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