Lessons We Can Learn From Stunt Drivers On Taking Risks

Personal growth depends on stepping out of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, most of us try to avoid taking risky moves out of fear. That fear ultimately holds us back from new opportunities and limits the amount of personal development possible. 


Why take risks at all?

Risk-taking isn’t always dangerous. Even small things like reaching out to a new person or speaking up for yourself teach us that putting yourself out there isn’t anything to be afraid of. Risk-taking can also pay off in your career and money management if you know how to take risks wisely. If you’re stuck in a career you hate, leave complacency behind and pursue a new path! Take a chance and move to a new city or start a hobby you’ve never tried before. 


How to take more risks

Who could be more fit to teach us about taking risks than the professionals who put their physical safety on the line for our favorite action-packed movie scenes? Stunt car drivers know all about how to take risks and when it’s smarter to play it safe. Of course, you never want to put yourself or anyone else in danger. Secure your safety by having a backup plan in place in case your move doesn’t work out. 

To learn more about how you can be open to more risk in your life, check out these risk-taking lessons from stunt drivers from The Zebra. They’ll teach us how to carefully calculate risks, set limits, and live outside our comfort zone.



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