Levelling Up In The Game Of Life #5MinMotivation


There are two different ways you can live your life, as a movie, or as a game. What you decide will make all the difference.  How do you win this Game of Life?


If you choose to live your life as a movie, you are watching events as it happens. You feel like you have no control over what is happening and you go with the flow. You are a victim of the events that unfold ahead of you and hope it has a happy ending.


If you choose to live your life as a Game, you understand that you can always choose how you react in every situation. You live your life with intention and choose which path you take. You may face scary monsters and several obstacles along the way. Instead of quitting the game, you look at your options and choose your next action. If you don’t have the resources to win the round, you go back and keep training.


Which way have you been living your life?


In a game, the more challenges you face, the more experience points you receive. Take this mindset into your Game of Life and learn from every experience. Think back through your hard times and those that you managed to overcome. You were stronger after the challenge than you were going into the challenge.


Next time you face an obstacle, or when life gets tougher, realize that it’s because you are playing at a higher level.


When you start a new role playing game, you often get to pick your character. In life, you don’t always choose the hand you are dealt.


“If Your Life Just Got a little bit harder, that probably means you just levelled up”. – Gorilla Vision


I get it…. Believe me.


Easier said than done.


You can choose. Choose to leave it as is and get the same results.

Or, try something new, with a new Mindset and see what happens.

How will you play your Game of Life?


Tell me about a difficult moment in your life that made you stronger?


Our lives can get pretty hectic and it can be easy to get lost in our actions. When we are so focused on what is ahead, we forget to pause, reflect and find ways to energize our minds. These 5-minute motivation posts are meant to give you that recharge. The goal is to give you a 5-minute Vitamin for your mind through quotes, posts and videos. It is also meant to challenge your thinking and inspire you to take action.

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