How to get a job with a disability [Infographic]


Finding employment in a competitive jobs market is not easy. Even to get called for an interview is a very positive sign, such is the volume of résumés being sent to an employer whenever a vacancy is advertised.


For people living with disabilities, obtaining a full-time or even part-time job can be harder still. Their physical or mental limitations could prevent them from completing core tasks, while employers might be reluctant to hire someone who, even through no fault of their own, could need to take a high amount of sick leave.


Therefore, a person with a disability might be best advised to concentrate their job search on a narrow field and focus on occupations for which they are ideally suited. Jobs such as accountancy, market research analysis and career guidance counselling don’t require physical effort, can be performed from home and tend to have low stress levels.


Before applying for jobs, people with disabilities should assess what they can and can’t do. A physical disability might not have any impact on sharp numeracy skills, for example, so that would make a career in accountancy ideal. Also, it’s the type of work which can be done at home and which can be tailored to fit around a person’s lifestyle.


Check out the infographic below from Burning Nights , which provides a well-informed guide for people with disabilities on how to obtain employment.


An infographic by the team at Burning Nights


This post is courtesy of Burning Nights.