Make a Strong First Impression at Your Job Interview


Job interviews are the best chance to present yourself as someone worthy of a specific job. They help you establish a relationship with the employer, display your skills and teach you more about the organization and the position. However, first impressions are powerful, so you will need to impress the interviewer immediately. Improve your employment chances by following these tips. 

Assemble Your Best Look

The first aspect the interviewer will notice is your look. Generally, you want to be clean and well-groomed. If this is an office job or a leadership position at any organization, wear formal business attire. For locations like restaurants and stores, you still want to wear a neat and tidy outfit, even if it is more casual. Find discounted pristine and barely used clothes at a wholesale retail store before you visit more expensive shops. The hairstyle should be kept simple and be either short or tied-up. 

Bring Your Materials

Even though the interview will mainly consist of questions to answer, you should not arrive empty-handed. Before you leave home, assemble a suitcase with the following materials

  • Copies of resume and cover letter
  • Papers and writing utensils 
  • References
  • Work samples
  • Questions for the employer 
  • Proper identification 

You never know when you will need these materials. An employer may ask for an extra copy of your qualifications or you might need to take notes. This practice also shows that you are a cautious professional. 

Practice the Encounter

Confidence and clarity are important qualities to have. People can make mistakes, but too many can diminish any professionalism you bring during the interview. Run through a practice interview with a friend or relative. Think about any potential questions you might receive and how to answer them. Repeating this process can decrease any nervousness or surprises. Practice interview etiquette, like gesturing attentiveness and reading the interviewer’s cues.   

The employer’s first impression can either set you up for success or make it difficult to achieve. Follow these tips to start the interview on a strong note.