Make your Law Firm’s Website Reliable — Things that are Important for Ranking on Google


People tend to search for any kind of service and product on the internet, specifically on different search engines in today’s digital era. And, Google is one of the most popular search engines where people end up with diverse queries. Such reliance on Google has definitely pumped up the responsibility of Google. Thus, Google has brought significant changes to its indexing algorithm, and it helps in ranking trustworthy websites at the top of the search results.

Legal services are also available through websites and web pages on Google. If you’re into legal services, you might have probably designed and developed the most functional website to draw attention from potential clients. Before you make the web pages convincing to your clients and audiences, the web pages should seem trustworthy before Google. 

Google’s algorithms would judge the acceptability of the website and the web pages, and then it would decide the visual reputation on the internet. Here are a few things that you have to keep in mind if you don’t want to lag in the legal services and competitions.

Fresh Content and no False Claims

Google powered up its semantic algorithms in January 2020. The core update of google is pretty clear. However, Google made nearly 3200 changes in the indexing algorithms to foolproof the ranking efficiency. One can clearly imagine that there are thousands of lawyers in Dubai as well as law firms. So, the metrics should be clearly stated and planned for Google to pick up the right web pages for the top ranks. Additionally, Google keeps bringing minor changes to the existing set of algorithms for more precise functionalities.

The core update determines how Google showcases the search results for a definite query and how it indexes web pages. When it comes to searching for proficient lawyers in Dubai, Google will look into the legal service and law firm’s websites. The web pages should contain updated content. Moreover, if the website can’t show trustworthy pieces of information then Google would judge it as a source of misinformation. Additionally, any piece of detail on the web page of your law firm can’t contradict any kind of information on the same or different web pages of the website.

On the other hand, having outdated information on your law firm’s website is equally offensive for Google’s ranking system. So, keep posting the latest news articles on your law firm’s web pages. Renew older posts with recent statistics or pieces of information. Additionally, don’t claim anything false on your website. In case you want to make any information convincing, get it approved by the local authority or government. This would certainly boost up your online reputation.

Ditch Unnatural Links

In case your law firm’s website is achieving natural links then they are usually great for building a reputation. If any other site links to a web page from your law firm website, it must have impressed them. Additionally, it works for an escalation of your confidence in the legal services. And, Google would definitely treat them to upvote your website on related search results. 

But, if you tend to purchase or exchange links then it severely falls under the link schemes category. Rather than investing in qualified and updated content, if you rely on such unnatural links, then it would degrade the functionality of the website. If anyone tries to manipulate the Google ranking algorithms with link schemes, then it directly violates the Webmaster Guidelines of Google. 

According to the guidelines, exchanging links or paying for the links is not accepted at all. So, don’t take chances with the online reputation that you have built brick by brick with link schemes. Instead, try to come up with relevant, beneficial, true, and genuine content for earning links. 

Once earned authentic mentions and links from authorised sources, it would add an extra level of trustworthiness to your law firm’s website. Well, you can try publishing the case studies that your law firm has recently handled. 

Be Careful about Hidden Texts and Links

Numerous businesses might hide texts and links on their websites and web pages. Well, human eyes might not see them, but you can’t trick a search engine. Search engines can effectively figure out the texts or links that you have hidden on the web page. If Google finds out a single hidden link or text on web pages, then it interprets that you are trying to conceal something from the search engine.

It would be better if you avoid putting hidden links or texts. Once you are ready to publish any particular web page, double-check if all the links are clearly visible. So that the visitors on your website can get everything you have provided on the page. Consequently, it would enhance the reliability of your law firm’s website for Google.

Don’t Scrape Content

Content is very important for your website and the win-win factor of earning trustworthiness from Google. Scraped content is the content that is copied from any other website. Countless lawyers have copied contents from all over the web without realising the consequences. On the other hand, there remains no uniqueness in the content that can badly affect the online presence.

Well, scraped contents are the same contents found on other websites and web pages. Additionally, the content remains a scraped content even if you include a little modification to the copied content. For instance, if you change some words with their nearest synonyms and meanings. These efforts might befuddle Google for a while. 

But, as soon as Google realises the similarity quotient between the scraped and original content, Google discards the previous rankings immediately. Google demands original and unique content to decide your website’s ranking. It helps Google to distinguish your website’s acceptability for your audience and visitors.

Keyword Stuffing has Become Obsolete

Yes, people search with a specific set of words, and the most relevant words become the keywords for the search engine. And, there was a time when including keywords more and more to the content could benefit in indexing the website or web pages. But, the circumstances are different now. Keyword stuffing doesn’t manipulate the Google ranking at all, right now.

As the Google algorithms have turned more sophisticated these days, keyword stuffing won’t help you anymore. You can clearly imagine the frustration of Google in manifesting nothing original but only keywords all over the website. So, stop repeating keywords every now and then. Only use keywords to a considerable extent. Needless to say, more would hamper the search rankings of your law firm’s website on Google.


Your law firm’s website is designed to generate leads and convert them into sales. Google additionally looks for specific qualities on your website and web pages. It would be highly beneficial for your site to have a contact us section, engagement with social media platforms, client reviews, etc. The contact information of the lawyers would add an extra advantage and trustworthy factor to your website. Work on these factors for earning the required upright on Google and its ranking technologies.