How Managers Can Beat the Summer Slump in Their Office 


As family vacations pick up and the sales season slows down, most businesses fall victim to a phenomenon dubbed the summer slump. The slump describes the decrease in motivation and an increase in distraction in the office from June through September. 


As a manager, being mindful of different times of the year and how this can impact your employees’ happiness and productivity is a great way to stay in step with your employees. 


53% of employees report feeling distracted from June through September. Further, 1 in 4 employees report feeling less productive in the office – meaning your department is likely taking a hit in terms of output throughout these months. 


There are many causes to the summer slump, including distraction, heat, and burnout. The seasonal affective disorder can impact your employees this time of year. While typically thought of as a wintertime ailment, SAD can, and often does, also hit in the summertime. 


To keep your morale high during summer months, take active steps to keep your employees spirits high. The summer slump doesn’t have to negatively impact your business as long as you are willing to take active steps to prevent it. 


As summer lingers on, consider adopting these practices to prevent burnout. 


  1. Flexible hours during summer months: Relax your office hours during the summer to give your employees a little more time to enjoy the long summer nights. Reports show that closing 2 hours early on Friday’s typically does not impact productivity in an office setting, so what do you have to lose?
  2. Relax your office atmosphere: It’s hot outside, so let your employees ditch the suits and dress more casual. You can also try adopting fun summer office rules like allowing pets in the office to help increase employee morale. 
  3. Take your meetings offsite: It’s halfway through the year, and your employees are burnt out. Consider switching up routine by hosting meetings offsite to inspire creative brainstorming. You can also host team-building activities this time of year to keep your team engaged and bonding. 
  4. Spend time on training and development: Since the sales season is slowing down, use the extra free time to invest in your employees. Offering additional training and development opportunities throughout the summer is a great way to keep your employees growing. There are tons of conferences this time of year you can consider sending your team to as well. 


For more ways to beat the summer slump in your office this summer, check out this infographic from Fundera



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