Does Offline Marketing Need to be Part of Your Strategy?


The times we live in are all about technology- everything we do from work to play is influenced by the tech around us. And when it comes to marketing a business, it’s easy to think that all of your resources should be poured into these online methods. After all, digital marketing done well is highly effective, no one is denying that. However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect all other forms of marketing. Offline methods aren’t just all flyers and leaflets (which tend to have pretty low engagement rates), there are other methods too. Depending on what you do and what you sell, the following non- digital methods could well give your advertising a boost. 


Get on the tv and radio

Both tv and radio ads can subconsciously create familiarity and trust in your brand, and can both be marketing methods well worth exploring. Whether it’s a quirky tv ad that gets people talking or a radio jingle that gets stuck in their head, chances are that next time they need a business like yours it will be you that springs to mind. It’s true that tv viewing is in decline, however, this is mainly true of younger age groups. Therefore, if your product or business isn’t targeted to kids or teens then it could still be a highly effective way to get your company name out there. 


Host an event

People are likely to attend your event if there’s something in it for them, so present it as a family fun day rather than a purely promotional thing. Invite some food vendors down to sell their fare, hire some entertainers, play music and host giveaways- prizes could be marketing merch such as the items on this website. You get the opportunity of having lots of people in one place to talk about your business. Perhaps you’re a food establishment, you could hand out samples of what you sell and show off your new menu. Maybe you sell kids toys, you could have a few out and have competitions- anything from computer game matches to space hopper races! You could ask people for their email addresses to give more information when you’re next releasing new products or having sales. 


Consider canvassing

Going door to door is an older style of marketing, many companies overlook this but for the right kind of business, it can be a great option. For example, if you sell more expensive items or services that require more of an investment from your customer. Your sales person can work on persuading a customer one on one, explaining everything in detail and answering any questions. Window companies are an example of the kind of company using this method, of course, purchasing new windows for your home requires spending a lot of money and so the face to face side of things can really help. They can speak about everything from installation to payment plans. Of course, if your company needs to sell lots of smaller items to make a profit then this wouldn’t be the best choice.