7 Workplace Initiatives That Can Help To Get Employee Well-being Right

As an employer, your priority is to ensure the business is profitable. This couldn’t be achieved without your hard-working employees whose health and safety is vitally important. Without your employees, your business wouldn’t be able to function. The happiness of your employees can directly correlate to their motivation within the workplace. If your employees are motivated, then productivity increases, and therefore your business benefits.


Therefore, you should make it your mission to ensure they’re happy in the workplace. There are many ways you can go about ensuring your employee health and wellbeing, namely by creating a positive company culture through workplace initiatives.


  1. Reward Schemes

Reward schemes are an excellent way to incentivize your employees. Giving your employees bonuses and treats can make them feel valued within the company. You’re essentially praising them for doing a great job through actions, not just words. This is also a great way to boost productivity and increase motivation, as workers strive to reach targets throughout the year. Not only are you giving positive praise which contributes to their mental wellbeing, but you’re also providing financial wellness.


  1. Fitness Initiatives

It’s common knowledge that exercise can be excellent for your mental health as well as your physical fitness. This is why many employers encourage their staff to participate in fitness activities. One way to really get your employees up and moving is by offering free gym memberships, or at least a contribution to the cost. Alternatively, some employers choose to give employees one free hour in the week which allows them to attend the gym to use at their own discretion. As well as this, many businesses offer an employee cycle-to-work scheme which sees colleagues coming together for the morning and evening commute.


  1. Social Engagements

Social interactions and building relationships are important for any person. Loneliness or feelings of isolation can lead to serious health problems, so it’s crucial that colleagues are made to feel welcome and part of the team. Encouraging out of hours meetups and after work drinks is a way to make every employee feel included, as well as endorsing collaboration. A social life is an important part of the work/life balance.


  1. Team Building Exercises

Organized team building exercises and away days can be extremely beneficial to your employees’ wellbeing, especially when you’re managing a large group of people across several departments. Many employers consider team building exercise to be important enough to warrant their own day of the year, dedicated to building relationships.


  1. Creating a Safe Environment

Creating a safe environment isn’t necessarily about controlling risks and hazards (featured below). It can also just mean giving employees a clean, safe and healthy workplace environment. We spend the majority of our lives at work, so if the workplace is untidy or unsafe, it can take a toll on employee’s overall health. One way in which employees are starting to make changes is by purifying the air quality with ventilation systems. They help to tackle air pollution, which can contribute to sickness within the workforce. These devices can not only give the company cleaner air but can also help to regulate the internal temperature and airflow.


  1. A Green Space

The addition of greenery in the workplace doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of the room, but it also works to help employee’s health. Plants and other succulents have been known to reduce stress and increase productivity. Psychologists say that the color green has a relaxing and calming effect, so placing green plants around the office can even reduce anxiety levels. They also help to clean the air by absorbing harmful toxins, perfect if you’re in a small, stuffy office.


  1. Reducing Hazards

Hazards are always going to be prevalent no matter what kind of working environment you manage. Having a potentially harmful workspace can be stressful for your employees who may not feel comfortable or safe. Precautions need to be put in place to ensure the safety of your employees, whether this is making sure objects aren’t obstructing doors or making it a policy that employees take a break to avoid a repetitive strain injury.

Elita Torres

I have over 20 years experience as a leader, first as a General Manager for several Big Box retailers with over 100 employees, then as a district manager overseeing an average of 23 stores. Currently, I am a Sales Director overseeing 4 Districts. My passion for leadership and personal development has led me to share my journey in a Blog. Find out more on http://www.leadgrowdevelop.com/about/