Picking Your Laundry Trough: What to Remember and How to Choose?

We love wearing beautiful clothes! After all, who won’t want to look attractive? And that brings us to the heaps of clothes that get accumulated at our homes. While we love dressing up, there is hardly anyone who likes to do laundry, if there is an option otherwise! However, we all must. And that brings us to our laundry room. Did you know that having a laundry trough in your laundry room can make your life a lot easier? Doing it by hand is a much better option as compared to subjecting the clothes to multiple rounds of wash in the washing machine. 

Points to Note

So, how do you pick the perfect trough for your laundry room? What do you need to check? Can you just buy any random one of these? Of course not! Today we will be discussing the need for laundry trough, how it makes our life easier, and how to select the perfect one. 

Start By Selecting The Right Material For Your Laundry Trough

You will find that there are quite a few options when it comes to the material the laundry basin is going to be made of. 

  • The best and most popular one is iron because it is durable and can withstand heavy washing as well. You will also find a better variant where there is enamel coating over the iron protecting it from the water and thus preventing corrosion. It is also a good idea to get an enamel-coated trough since any rust can eventually spoil your dress as well. 
  • Another popular material for making the laundry trough is acrylic. It is lightweight, comes cheaper in most cases, is easy to handle, got no rusting issue, and comes in a wide array of colors and designs to choose from. 
  • The third option will be stainless steel trough made for a rustproof experience. These are lightweight and low maintenance. They also have a great life and will not get rusted easily. However, if you are getting the steel laundry through then be prepared for the sound it will make as water pours from the tap!

How Do You Want Your Laundry Trough To Be Installed?

Next, you need to decide on the type of installation. This will also depend on the type of laundry room you have and the countertop space present. Here is a list of a few variations: 

  • Drop-In Style Installation: In this, the countertop will have a hole cut and the trough’s edge is only visible and the trough is placed inside that hole. This type of installation is quite common as it fits almost every countertop and is easily available in the market. 
  • Under The Countertop Installation: The next style is where the trough is placed completely underneath the countertop. This type of installation looks elegant as the trough’s edges are completely covered. You will also be easily able to clean the countertop in this case. 
  • Standalone Installation Of The Trough: This type of installation can be done against the wall of the trough can be allowed to stand by itself. If you happen to have a countertop that’s extremely littered, then this type of trough is perfect for you as this will keep the countertop free from laundry washing. 

Finally, it is extremely essential to know the best size of the trough for your laundry. This won’t be much of a trouble for you and is easy to know since you already have your measurements. In case you are still facing a problem about selecting the right size of laundry trough, just ask someone who knows. You may also take help from the person from whom you will be buying the trough. Or you can just call a professional and hand over the entire project as you take a rest!