How Safe Is Your Business….Really?


As a business owner, your venture is your life. Chances are you gave up your full-time career to run it, you might have poured your entire life savings into it. It might be your entire source of income and something you’ve truly put blood, sweat, and tears into. So failure just isn’t an option, and you’ve worked tirelessly each day to ensure that doesn’t happen.

However, there’s more that can lead to the downfall of a business than lack of hard work, and if an intruder manages to get their hands on your equipment, products, or data it could spell disaster. Important equipment being taken could grind your business to a halt, but worse still, stolen customer details or information could ruin your reputation. Thieves can use this as a way to commit identity theft, rinse bank accounts, and much more.

Here are some of the ways you can assure your business is being kept as safe and secure as possible.

In the office

Burglars target offices as they know they’re usually home to all kinds of expensive equipment, cash, and data. Often there’s no one around outside of office hours making it easy for them to slip in without being seen.

Your first defense against burglars is a burglar alarm, having this professionally installed commercial CCTV is also useful, ensuring any footage is backed up to the cloud.  This prevents a burglar from getting in and stealing the tapes. If you’re on a low floor or the ground floor, window shutters that can be pulled down or across and locked can be useful. Modern security measures like fingerprint or face recognition access are worth considering especially if you’re a likely target of crime.


These days, it’s not just physical burglary we have to deal with. When we live in such a digital age, so much of our business is now run online and it’s so important to make sure everything is kept safe.

Using the cloud is one way to do this, when you work or store data in the cloud everything is encrypted and secure. If your computers are stolen from your office, your data is safe since nothing has been kept on them. This also gives you the advantage of being able to work from any computer, even remotely. You can access your information but it’s kept safe from criminals.

When it comes to email, is your document anarchy solved? The right software can ensure enterprise-wide governance as well as maximum productivity across all company documents, presentations, and emails. With direct integrations and data loss prevention, you can ensure everything is being done to the highest standard while keeping your information safe.

As simple as it sounds, one way to protect your business online is with good passwords. In some cases, hackers are able to guess and access sensitive information as common passwords are often used. Choose something complex and impossible to guess, with lower and uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation.

Interested in learning more?  There are great resources available to you including cloud data storage guides that can help you make the right choice.