Short-Term Vacation Rentals Investing Guide

Are you thinking about investing in a short-term vacation rental site? You’re not alone. Many people are looking for ways to build additional passive income. So, what do you need to make the leap and start short-term rental investing? You can invest in short-term vacation rentals in a variety of ways and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’re looking to invest in short-term vacation rentals, you should keep a few things in mind. This guide aims to clarify short-term vacation rentals and explain how they work.

What Is a Short-Term Vacation Rental?

A short-term vacation rental is a type of housing that’s available for occupancy by guests for a short period, generally less than thirty days. In most cases, a nightly rate will be charged, and the property may be available for weekly, monthly, or seasonal stays.

The primary difference between a short-term vacation rental and other types of housing is that it is often not owned by one person. They are managed by an organization like Airbnb, which rents out their properties to travelers for an agreed-upon amount of time. This allows owners to make money from their home while still using it when they need to get away from it for work or family obligations.

Short-term vacation rentals can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Longer stay guests. This is a great way to attract people who want to stay longer than their usual vacation time. 
  • Short-term stays for families. You can offer a place for families to stay on their vacations, or as part of their vacation package. 
  • Guest house or B&B’s. This is an easy way to get started in this space. There are many properties that are not being used and would make great short-term rental vacation properties.

What Type of Properties Can Be Used as Short-Term Vacation Rentals?

Are you wondering how to find investment properties? There are a few different types of properties that can be used for short-term vacation rentals. The most common is apartments and homes located in residential areas. They are often much cheaper than hotels and have more amenities, such as washer and dryer connections. Yet, you need to make sure that the neighborhood you choose has enough people working in the area. 

Most people like to use vacation rentals as investment property because they can generate a profit when they are rented out at peak times. This could be during the summer or spring break, but not in the winter months because there aren’t many tourists going on vacation. The most common types of properties that can be used as short-term vacation rentals, including:

  • Apartment buildings (one-bedroom, two-bedroom, studio)
  • Condominiums and townhouses
  • Cottage rentals

How to Get Started in Short-Term Rental Investing

Are you wondering how to make money with rental properties? Vacation rentals are an increasingly popular passive income real estate. Many properties can be rented as vacation homes, ranging from single-family homes to waterfront condos. You can get some ideas by researching the best places to buy rental property according to AirDNA.

When you choose short term rental investing, it’s essential to consider rental property investment strategies. The amount of risk involved in a rental property depends on its location and whether or not you’re willing to invest in the upkeep. You’ll need to take into consideration what kind of tenants you want. If you want to attract families or couples, it might be best to look at properties near public beaches or parks where there’s less risk of vandalism.

If you want a passive income from rental property, it’s best to look at properties within walking distance of shops and restaurants that offer easy access for your guests. Suppose you plan on renting out multiple properties at once. It’s important to choose locations with high demand so that you can charge more per night than if you were renting out individual properties.

Factors to Consider When Starting Short-Term Rental Investing 

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of short-term rental investing. After all, you can make money from day one. And there’s no investment required. But that doesn’t mean it’s as easy as it sounds. A short-term rental investing strategy requires more than finding tenants and collecting rent. Here are some buying rental property tips:

Rental Property Size

The size of your rental property will affect how much time you need to spend on maintenance and upkeep. A small apartment or condo may only require one owner, while more significant properties may have multiple tenants. If starting with a single-family home, ensure you have enough space for guests who rent out rooms or entire floors during the week. You may also consider adding another room to increase your potential income.

Rental Property Type and Condition

The property you choose will determine how much money you make every month. You must know if you can make enough to cover your expenses while renting out your property full-time or part-time. If you choose a unit that doesn’t require much maintenance and upkeep, it will be easier to keep up with these costs. You will learn how to invest in real estate for passive income

 while still making enough money from rent payments.


This involves the place where to buy a rental property. Location is one of the most important factors when starting passive income real estate investing. You must choose a place with good weather, close enough to travel there, but far enough away from other properties. Some people prefer hot climates or heavy tourist traffic. Other people want a peaceful and quiet place where they can wake up in the morning and enjoy the sunrise on their patio.


Amenities are one of the most important things to consider when looking to buy a rental property. Most renters want a home that has air conditioning to save money on cooling costs and the convenience of being able to turn it on when needed. But, if you don’t have a pool or other amenities available, this may be an issue for some people.

When buying a rental property, it’s essential to make sure that the location is suitable for any amenities you plan on installing in your house. For example, if you plan on building an indoor pool then it would not be wise to place it in an area that has high winds or heavy rainfall.


The cost of short-term rental investing can vary significantly based on the property, its location, and your goals. For example, suppose you want to buy a property that needs major renovations or one that requires extensive maintenance and work. In that case, you may not want to rent it out because the costs associated with doing so would outweigh the potential profits.

Your Goals

When deciding what investment property is right for you, consider how much time and money you want to put into each investment property. If you’re looking for quick cash flow or a place where you can build equity quickly, then short-term rentals might not be for you. On the other hand, investing in real estate might be a better option if your goal is more long-term and stable income generation over time.


Are rental properties a good investment? The opportunity to be your boss and do what you love is only a few steps away! If you’re looking both for a worthwhile investment and the occasional vacation, vacation rental investing might just be your next move. Staycations and short-term rentals will continue getting more popular in the next few years. If you decide to try it, there’s no need to make it complicated. Use this guide on how to make money from renting property. Good luck!