The Benefits of a Branded Organic Social Media Strategy


In the marketing world, paid media advertising is the go-to. Social media networks tend to put pressure on advertisers and brands to spend money on paid social, however, that is not the most effective method. Paid social media advertising works, but must be accompanied by an organic social media strategy. Organic social media means using the free tools and posting on social media platforms as any typical user would. Social media is constantly changing and evolving, like updates to character count on Twitter or the introduction of Instagram Reels. Utilizing organic social will show that your brand is on top of the trends and relevant in modern society.  Here are 7 reasons why your strategy should include a branded organic social media strategy. 

Provides Authenticity

One of the highlights of an organic social media strategy is that it adds authenticity to your brand online. If you are only using paid ads on social, and the user clicks on the ad, they want to see that your account has followers and engagement. If they are led to an empty page, the content you are advertising will be seen as spam or inauthentic. 

Builds Your Brand Voice

In today’s day and age, brand voice is just as important as your marketing strategy. Having a strong voice gives your brand a personality and makes it easier for the audience to connect. Organic social is a great way to bring your brand to life, as you can easily post and curate content to fit the tone you desire.

Cost Effective

The biggest benefit to your stakeholders is that posting organic social media content is completely free! Social media platforms allow brands to have business accounts where you can post content free of charge and even have access to analytic tools to help you understand how to improve your strategy. Organic social media is a very cost-effective strategy in the long run, and works, too.  

Content Resonates With Your Audience

When a brand posts likeable content, their followers often share the posts with their friends or onto their own pages. Word of mouth is important to a brand in any aspect, but can be especially helpful on social media. In fact, 81% of people say they’re influenced by what their friends share on their pages. Likeable organic social media content can be an effective way to promote brand loyalty and attract new fans as well.

Built-In Customer Service 

Another great aspect of organic social media is that it is a built-in customer service platform. Your audience can comment praises or complaints on your posts, and the brand can respond to their comments instantly on the platform. In addition, it can be a way for your company to listen to feedback about your brand or product to be able to make improvements where needed. 

Improves SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential for any brand trying to be successful online. Posting organic content with the optimal keywords can boost your company’s SEO. This will attract new customers as well as make it easier for loyal fans to find your website or social media account. 

Engage in Public Conversations

If your goal is to really connect and resonate with your audience, a great way to achieve that is by engaging on social media with public conversations. Chiming in on a meme, current event, or trending topic can create meaningful connections that your followers will remember, as well as attract others to your brand who may not have been interested before.  

Bismarie Plasencia is a Digital Marketing Manager at CROOW. CROOW is a project management tool that helps creative teams unite with project managers to get work done faster and more efficiently.