ThePackersMovers: Your Expert in Simplifying Relocation

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Relocating can be a chaotic experience for homes, offices, pet owners, gardens, and any relocating rental or property owner. Past decades have seen the need for cost-effective ways to help people start afresh in a different city without stressing how to begin.

As per the survey by CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd, nearly 70% of Indians desire to own a home rather than rent space for a living (Feb 2023 Report). About 44% of people have had a strong interest in moving to new homes to find an ideal permanent home.

Thepackersmovers is one such company that has earned the merits of exceptional customer satisfaction. By investing in research, they facilitate the comprehensive moving process and contribute to moving services standards for the moving and packing industry. 

So, we decided to speak to the founder when we came across their consistently compelling reputation as the company’s leading top professional moving services in Kolkata.

  1. Defining Moment for The Company:

As a platform that values its customers above all, for over 13 years, they had set quality parameters based on customer satisfaction. It is an online directory of trustworthy moving services across India. Focusing on creating an experience where every customer feels valued and important.

The sole reason for their success was to streamline every multifaceted challenge they encountered. Establishing confidence among their audience has not been easy. Thepackersmovers have adapted and conducted thorough research, which made them a landmark of change and led to their emergence as an umbrella term synonymous with Only The Best in the moving industry at the global level.

  1.  Sustaining a Network of Verified Moving Companies:

Creating a reliable and professional moving funnel, this company has shaped experiences to help meet popular demands and sustains its team of highly qualified professionals. The Founder told us, “Sustaining the right network is a plight when you commit it to delivering results. Our in-house teams are dedicated to spotting discrepancies. Which they achieved by scrutinising the documented proofs and uploading them only after complete verification of essential checks.”

The Clarity in Key Elements is Documented to Comprehend the Licensed, Genuine Packing and Moving Services in 7 Steps: 

  1. Company GST registration on the Government Portal
  2. Visit the Physical Office and verify details from the website
  3. Get Confirmation of valid ID: Company incorporation certificate, PAN card of the Owner
  4. Acquire Records of Services with performance
  5. Compare previous customer reviews and ratings
  6. Request our clients to get moving quotes in writing and then sign them afterwards. 

A great deal of importance was placed on customers so that they(the people) wouldn’t suffer the consequence of exorbitant moving prices or compromised services, which had been the general outlook when it came to relocating inter-city.

  1. Maintaining Quality and Quantity at Competitive Pricing:

The illusion of cheap services may get customer’s attention, but sustaining the quality of relocation services can’t outweigh the purpose of setting a relocation budget in the first place.

When it comes to setting a realistic budget, not everyone has the time to research market rates. That’s where Moving Directory comes in. “We diligently filter out the fake movers, ensuring you get a reliable directory of all services at one place at a fair price, without any surprises later on,” said the Founder.

The accurate assessment of quantity depends on expertise and quality packing and storage services, which Thepackersmovers effortlessly excel at. They are among the few who have managed to keep customer details confidential and respect client privacy. “We value customer privacy as much as we value our services,” said the Founder.

  1. Prompt Customer Support:

“In a complex sequence of things that require manual handling, monitoring a situation is always controlled by upgraded technological equipment skilfully handled by our most qualified professional deputed for the consignment,” remarked the Founder.  

Given the potential risk associated with the move, the customer can have their queries and complaints solved quickly with the informed team of customer support that is actively available to ensure your confidence in movers. Rest assured, it is a relief for the mind to understand the state of your delivery.

  1. Formal Grievance Redress Mechanism:

To materialise the claims of transparency that protect the customer invested, Grievance reporting has enabled the company to validate and monitor the policies they construct to safeguard the terms of mutual agreement between the Assigned professional and the Consignee (customer).

The formal actions against subpar service or unprofessional behaviour:

  • Temporarily suspending (or)
  • Permanently delisting    

The System of Ranking in the Published Directory on Thepackersmovers page can be relied on to extract the best moving and packing companies listed city-wise. By going to their page, you can customise the range of relocation services for the safe movement of household and corporate goods. 

About the Company:

Thepackersmovers is the one-stop solution for all relocation needs, ideally suited to the dynamic demands of the 21st century. Their reputation as highly effective mediators has solidified their position as the go-to reference for packers and movers in the country.

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