Leadership Blog Roundup:  Top 12 Leadership And Personal Development Posts


This post marks my 200th blog post.  I started this blog with 3 goals in mind.  First, I always wanted to be a writer.  I find that when I put my thoughts into writing, I learn and process information much faster.  Second, I have been in a leadership role for over 20 years.  However, my impact was dependent on the number of people I would supervise or meet in person.  In starting a blog, I was hoping to continue to add value on a larger scale.  My third goal in starting this Leadership and Personal Development Blog was to leave a legacy for my children.  Something that would give them better insight into their Mother and her philosophies.


In an attempt to celebrate my 200th post, I thought it would be a good idea to do a Leadership Blog Roundup of my Top 11 Leadership and Personal Development Posts within the last 90 days.  It also gives me an idea of which of my posts resonates the most with you in hopes that I can duplicate the value.


Leadership Blog Roundup:  12 Leadership and Personal Development Posts


20 Quotes on Gratitude and being Thankful

It is a good sign that one of my most recent popular posts is on a subject that is important to me.  I find that the more grateful I am, the less time I have for what concerns me.


17 Best Leadership Blogs You Should Be Following in 2015

Although this post was written over a year ago, it still continues to pull in a lot of readers.  Great leaders continue to make personal development a priority.  If you want to be able to inspire others, begin by inspiring yourself.


Chris Gardner’s Top Ten Rules for Success: week-long motivation series part 5

Chris Gardner’s Top Ten Rules for Success has been on my top 10 posts ever since it was written.  It was part of a week-long motivation series that I created.


Are You the Main Character of Your Life Story? #5MinMotivation

We all are a character in our own story.  The question is, which character will you decide to play?


3 Powerful Leadership Lessons I Learned from Kung Fu Panda…. REALLY!

Leadership lessons can be learned anywhere, even a cartoon.

Personal Growth is about Being a Constant Work in Progress

Investing in your personal growth is not something you do only once.  It is not as simple as reading just one book.  The most successful Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders make Personal Growth one of their most important and constant investments.


Onboarding Best Practices to Improve Employee Retention [Infographic + Checklist]

Turnover can be an extremely high expense for any company.  Although a company cannot completely eliminate turnover, employee retention can be improved starting with the right Onboarding.  This post shares tips through an infographic and checklist that can be downloaded.


30 Mottos of World-Class Leaders

Do you have a Business Moto?  How about your own Personal Motto?  Sometimes a strong personal motto can be a driving force towards your goals.  This post shares 30 Mottos of World-Class Leaders to help inspire you to develop your own Motto.


6 Reasons Why We Avoid Having Difficult Conversations

If there is a conversation that you are avoiding having? Chances are that is the conversation that you probably need to have.  This post shares 6 reasons why we avoid having difficult conversations.


24 Inspirational Leadership Quotes and How I Got Inspired from Post-It Notes

When I read this post again, it brought back great memories.  It was a reminder of the rewards being a leader can bring.


Effects of Micromanagement (Infographic) – Signs That You Are a Micromanager

If you have ever been micromanaged although you had the required competencies and resources to perform the job, you know the negative effects it could have on your morale.  If you want to know if you are a micromanager, this post can help you find out.


Six Stages of  Human Growth and Development

Learning the six stages of growth and development, synthesized from Maslow and Kohlberg, will help you understand your deeper developmental needs and what to do when.


Is there a topic that you want to be covered more in detail?  What leadership and personal development topics do you want to read more about?