Top 3 Risks of Running Multiple Accounts 

In this information age, Social Media is an indispensable marketing tool for brands and businesses. Brands, influencers, and organizations desire to get as many benefits as possible from this potential gold mine. Creating multiple accounts allows them to diversify storytelling opportunities and multiply their reach.

However, managing multiple accounts is not all beans and bread. There are risks associated with it. Proper management of these accounts is required to achieve the desired effects. 

Here are the top three risks associated with running multiple accounts:  

  1. Bans

This is the biggest risk of managing multiple accounts on social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have rules that govern user accounts. As a result, many disapprove of multiple accounts as it can lead to spamming, thereby diluting their content feeds.

These restrictions put brands in a precarious position regarding their social media marketing efforts.

Most, however, allow users to manage multiple accounts. For instance, Instagram allows up to five accounts from one IP address

Using anti-detect browsers is one way businesses stay clear of account bans on social media. The browser helps them operate each account as a separate entity, disconnected from the others. 

  1. Content Inconsistency 

It is disastrous if content across your multiple accounts lacks a uniform purpose. This purpose, however, is not easy to come by. 

The content strategy for maintaining multiple accounts must be extensive. You do not want to have accounts with no meaningful marketing strategy contributions. And to ensure contributions from each account, you need to deliver wholesome content for your followers. 

Likewise, having more accounts means more work for your social media managers. They have to switch between tasks like tracking engagements, posting content, replying to DMs, and optimizing your home feed. They must dedicate time to keep up with the activities on each account. 

Also, there is the time and energy put into researching content and converting them to posts. 

All these account management tasks and time commitments are essential to ensuring your business produces content consistently.

  1. Customer Confusion

This may seem trivial, but it is true. Sometimes, customers might get confused. Clear labeling and messages may not be enough. Consumers may feel overwhelmed with content from different accounts. 

They may not understand the purpose or value of each account. Should they follow all of them or just the ones with the information they need? People might think they will miss something important if your content is posted across different accounts. You also run the risk of dividing up the people you want to reach.


There is a thin line between creating a strong online brand presence and overwhelming customers with your content. You have to create a content strategy, work with the right tools, hire savvy managers, and most of all, stay on top of the trends. 

One or two accounts (one for brand content and the other for customer service) for a small one-man business are perfect. The signs will be obvious when you need more accounts. Also, if you run a large business with multiple products, multiple social media accounts become a necessity. But always remember to consider the risks, make a smart plan, and execute with finesse!

And Voilà! Your marketing strategy blows the roofs off.

Author Bio 

Paul Cawthon

Paul has been passionate about content writing since 2010. During his career he has managed to accumulate a lot of experience in covering various fields, while focusing on cyber security and technical writing. Paul has always been fond of technology and the digital world, thus, conducting in-depth research and learning what’s happening around is a major part of his everyday life. Currently, he is a content director at Incogniton, where he enjoys helping the staff to better their skills and come up with catchy and useful content for the audience.