Top 4 Brands That Fail with Social Media Marketing Campaigns

You cannot see a single company in the market that did not face failure. 

Yes, it’s right!

The brands you see these days have a history of failure. 

What is the reason behind failures?

This is because business owners need to grow their companies in order to achieve long-term success. 

You cannot grow your business if you always stick to a single strategy.  

What you thought was the best idea can sometimes go in the opposite direction. 

In return, the results can really hurt your brand. 

In this digital era, people are trying to explore new social media marketing campaigns. 

That’s why businesses, small and large, sometimes commit mistakes on social media. 

Below there are social media marketing campaigns of the top four brands that failed and how did they recover.

Molson Canada Facebook Marketing Ad

The Molson Brewing Company canceled its Facebook campaign on November 23, 2015, in response to several complaints that it encouraged binge drinking.

The campaign in question consisted of a picture competition for college and university students between the ages of 19 and 24. 

The failure of this social networking site’s advertising prompted Molson to carefully consider its social media approach.

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Reading this Molson Canada marketing case study, you will be able to know how this brand revived itself. 

In this way, this case study helps you to understand how Molson benefitted from social media for its brand recognition. 

Pick your battles – and commit (Pepsi)

The daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. criticizes Pepsi in a painful tweet.

She stated that her father did not deserve that.

The commercial has a group of young people protesting for an unknown reason, and Jenner successfully solved the matter between protesters and police with a single Pepsi can.

If only Daddy had known about the power of Pepsi, Bernice said.  

She followed her message with a black and white photograph of a policeman placing his hand on her father’s chest in the protest. 

According to Bernice, the ad downplays the struggles of civil rights warriors like her father to increase soda sales.

Even more, fuel was added to the opposition’s fire when Pepsi published its ad on her father’s death anniversary. 

As soon as the disputed commercial went up on YouTube, it roused controversy throughout the internet.

The Pepsi ad, which the firm has announced it would remove, depicts Jenner leaving a modeling session early to attend a protest when a man gestures to her. 

She just stops in front of a policeman who offers him a can of Pepsi, and everyone appreciates it.

People did not like the advertisement. 

The response served as a crucial warning to all businesses that they should never use a social movement as a loudspeaker if they weren’t truly prepared to support its principles. 

Digital marketing strategies may be compelled to include “weakness” in their campaigns, but fake support is just as harmful as no support at all. 

How Did It Recover

After being criticized, Pepsi withdrew and apologized for a new advertising campaign. 

In a statement to Business Insider, Pepsi said, “This is a worldwide ad that depicts people from different backgrounds coming together in a spirit of tolerance, and we think it’s an important message to send.”

They said we apologize that it is clear that we did not succeed in our efforts.

McDonald’s ad campaign 

It seems that UK businesses received a lot of criticism for a variety of poor marketing strategies in 2017! It was McDonald’s this time.

It’s difficult to insult someone with fast food, yet McDonald’s completely failed at it.

The commercial features a little child and his mother discussing his late father. It turns out that they both like filet-o-fish sandwiches, which was one of their common interests.

On social media, McDonald’s received a lot of criticism from those who thought they were “exploiting sadness to sell sandwiches.”

How Did It Recover

After receiving numerous complaints,” McDonald’s announced that the commercial would be removed immediately from all media this week.

We did not want to play with people’s emotions. We are very sorry if the advertisement disappointed our consumers, who are our most valuable asset.

A McDonald’s representative said, “This was definitely not our aim.” 

We wanted to highlight how important McDonald’s has been to our customers’ daily lives, whether in good or bad times.

Audi: Chinese Wedding Commercial

A car should always be checked before being purchased. With that in mind, Audi creates an ad. 

In the commercial, the groom’s mother approaches the altar and looks at her future daughter-in-law. She looks at her teeth and examines her tongue before nodding her head in agreement with her son.

“An important decision must be made carefully,” the slogan reads.

Unfortunately, this advertisement falls short of its intended goal by representing women and making them less valuable than a car. It was quite insulting.

How Did It Recover

Chinese viewers were outraged by the video, with many claiming online that it objectified women.

In a statement, Audi said the advertisement’s impression “does not correlate in any way to the objectives of our company,” and that it was starting an investigation to ensure the blunder didn’t occur again.

Sum Up

There you have it: “A deep analysis of the top 4 brands that fail with social media marketing campaigns and how they recovered?”

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