Top 5 Tips on How To Present SEO Skills on a Content Writer Resume


As a content writer, it is easier to put SEO as an umbrella term for all the SEO practices that you know and have used. It’s just as strange as an engineer using the term engineer for their skills, and we all know it’s much more than that. You can find plenty of resume templates online to tell you how to write a good one, but what about what to write on the page? Which skills will you highlight? How will you tell people who you are as a person? You need to be the best employee and that means making sure that you can present your skills accurately.

Let’s dive a little deep into what that says about you. 

It is a general fact that you know what SEO is, otherwise you wouldn’t have applied to a content writer post. Why then should the hiring manager consider you? 

The only way to tackle this problem is by capitalizing on all the experience and expertise you have had on your Creative Writer Resume. The key is to exhibit all the skills that you possess, which shows that you’re in fact, a content writer worth shortlisting. 

Fret not, for we’re not all talk. Follow the tips below to show your hiring manager that you’re more than just ‘SEO’. 

Premium Language Skills 

The most invaluable skill to thrive in this field is to have a good language base. Websites thrive on readability, and other factors fall short if you don’t have this one nailed down. 

Remember: You can’t build on a rocky foundation. 

Even the SEO Starter Guide by Google says that the content should impress users and not the search engine. Hence, while SEO practices are crucial, the need for good language skills takes precedence over it. 

Highlight this very skill by mentioning your proficiency in the language that the company uses. Other ways to do it include mentioning that you developed quality content in your work experience. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the language in question can also do favors for you. 

Anyone can build SEO skills in negligible time, while top-notch language skills are a necessity for any company. So, don’t shy away from highlighting a certification in your language skills if you have it. 

Broaden Your Skill Section

In the key skills section of your content writer resume, include a mix of hard and soft skills, followed by a list of technical skills. This section should tell your recruiter that you have it all, or well all that they want.

Match your resume to the job description and use the keywords that they mention. As an SEO specialist, you would know all about it. 

Some you can mention are:

  • Analysis of target audience
  • Content planning and development
  • Content calendars
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • SEO Editing 
  • Copywriting 
  • English Proficiency (Writing)

Aside from these are the more general skills like strong communication skills or leadership skills. These are important as they portray that you will function equally, if not more efficiently in a team. 

Add Technical Skills 

While general computer skills like MS Excel are a must-have, other technical skills like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript can do you favors. Data Analysis skills will reserve you a shortlist as familiarity with such tools can help you stand out from content writers. 

Since SEO tools are very in right now, you can also mention your familiarity with tools like: 

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • Deepcrawl
  • Google Analytics 
  • Ryte
  • Screaming Frog
  • Searchmetrics
  • Semrush
  • Sistrix

Additional skills like so are always welcome as a content writer, and it shows a broader knowledge on the subject.

Quantify Your Work Experience

The professional experience section of your Content Writer resume can act as a catalyst to getting a shortlist. The surest way to show your competence to the hiring manager is by quantifying data.

Avoid giving generic information like:

  • Increased traction for a startup website 
  • Improved organic search rankings for high-competition keywords 

Instead, give data and elaborate while keeping it short:

  • Increased traction from 2000 visits per month to 12,000 visits per month for a startup website 
  • Improved organic search rankings from page 4 to top 10 for 15+ high-competition keywords 

At a glance, the recruiter will have a clear picture of your expertise and caliber. Sometimes, you can guarantee a shortlist just by listing your details in a categorized manner. 

You can adopt the same method of quantifying data and highlighting important points in the summary section as well. It will help you to give an instantly positive first impression to your recruiter. 

List Your Certifications

Since the fields of content writing and content marketing haven’t traveled to mainstream education, the certifications can come in handy to express your knowledge. 

You can add all of the courses you have taken on SEO and anything related here. Be it Coursera or Udemy, add them in the format:

Certification | Certifying Authority | Time period 

Such certifications can attest to your knowledge and expertise, a handy tool when it comes to making an impression. The company would prefer to recruit an informed person who can instantly start contributing to the company than someone who needs training. So if you have any, list them or sign up for training right now!

Key Takeaways

Acquaintance with SEO practices is one of the best reasons for a hiring manager to select your content writer application, so knowing how to flaunt it is a requisite. Thoroughly utilize each section of your resume to state your case. Here’s how you can do that:

  • List your soft, hard and technical skills in the skills section, along with your familiarity with SEO tools 
  • Quantify details and highlight key points in the professional experience section 
  • Enter your training and certifications in the certifications section of your content writer resume 
  • Mention your degrees, if relevant to the job description in the education section
  • Add keywords that match with your job description in your content writer resume

Simply stating SEO under your skills would be an understatement of your expertise, so find ways to elaborate on how you made use of that knowledge. The content writing field is ever so booming, and so are SEO practices. With the proper content writer resume, that job you’ve been eyeing might not be so far away after all.