Top Instagram Management Services You Can Use in 2020


Whether you are on Instagram for business or your personal life, how to get a couple more followers may have crossed your mind.  

Thanks to technology for making everything easier for us, there are many Instagram Management Services on the web, and today I’m going to introduce the top 3 Instagram Management Services that are worth paying money for.

The top Instagram marketing tool: AiGrow

What is AiGrow and how does it work? 

AiGrow is a web-based app that is super easy to use, after signing in you can try it out for free. You can add as many Instagram accounts that you want, in the trail days you will get a dedicated account manager to grow your account, you get to schedule your post and send automated DMs as much as you want, all for free!

AiGrow Features 

This service is combined, with multiple fun and special features that make everything easier for you, from sending automated DMs to scheduling your posts! And so much more. Everything runs faster with AiGrow.

With AiGrow you will be getting : 

1. Dedicated Account Manager:  Most important feature of any Instagram Management Services should be the growth of your Instagram account, AiGrow main focus is to grow your Instagram followers,  manually and organically, with no bots or fake followers to put the safety of your account at risk.

2. Automated DMs: You can Send automated DMs to the followers of an account, people who use certain hashtags, a list of uploaded usernames, or your new followers.

  • Auto response to your DMs when you are not available.

3. Feed & Story Scheduler: With this feature, you can post your content ahead of time, months, or weeks in advance.

            Also,  you can categorize your captions and hashtag with this feature.

4. Bio-link 

This feature allows you to connect all of your social accounts to your IG bio and let people see you on multiple platforms easily.

  •  If you are an Influencer, Musician Musician, or Dj, this feature is for you, you can easily share your Youtube channel along with your website or even a Spotify playlist, all together on your Bio, easy to access!
  • Connect all or any of your feed and story posts to external pages: When you refer to a product, a Youtube video, blog, etc.

AiGrow Pricing 

Aigrow offers a free trial of 7 days, which allows you to see the promising results in only a few days.

The most expensive package has a wonderful discount if you buy it for 6 months. However, it only cost you 83$.

The 2nd Instagram marketing tool: Kicksta

What is Kicksta and how does it work? 

Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool with an online dashboard that will help you expand your following.

Kicksta is a service that claims to help brands and individuals to “get real followers” for Instagram.

The web design seems to be amazing, the FAQ part is complete, and answers most of your questions. 

Sign up to kickstart is pretty easy.

Once you sign up for Kicksta, you will be asked to provide the team with a list of targets that you would like to attract such as influencer accounts or your competitors, users similar to your niche. 

Kicksta Features & Pricing 

Kicksta team will be liking 1-2 photos from your targeted list, with this method your account will be popping on those targeted Instagram users, and possibly if they happen to like your content, they will start following your account.

The strategy is only to like photos, the follow unfollow cycle is not used by Kicksta.

Kicksta will be targeting users daily through : 

• Hashtag targeting

• Location targeting

• Blacklisting (to prevent them from interacting with certain accounts and hashtags).

Kicksta Pricing 

Kicksta does not offer a free trial but they have a 14-days money-back guarantee, in case you weren’t happy with the service you can cancel anytime. 

Kicksta Standard Plan is $49/month and the Premium Plan is $99/month for more targets, support options, and maximum growth.

The 3rd Instagram marketing tool: Upleap

What is Upleap and how it works?

Upleap is another Instagram management service that grows your account organically, Upleap mainly uses locations, hashtags, and similar users to target new followers to engage with their clients accounts. 

As claimed on the Upleap website, the team will provide you an “account manager who will engage with posts that bring in the best result.”

Upleap Features & Pricing 

Upleap uses different strategies to grow your account such as follow and like.

Upleap also views Instagram stories of users that are not following you, so they notice your account.

 Although not all users have time to check who has viewed their Instagram stories or they might not even care enough to check the view list, with that being said Upleap uses this strategy.

Even though this strategy might not make much of a difference in your Instagram growth.

Also, along with viewing Instagram stories, they react on live broadcasts for your account to be noticed which may come beneficial and help in growing your Instagram account.

Upleap Pricing 

Upleap have three different packages:

For the monthly options, you can choose between Lite at $39/month, Standard at $69/month, and Premium at $99/month.

Final thoughts 

What’s the Best Instagram Marketing tool With Free Features?

How much do you care about the quality of your followers?

So if you are not looking to increase the “number of followers” that is displayed on your profile overnight and you are serious about the quality and safety of your Instagram followers, AiGrow is the best Instagram marketing tool for you.

According to Trustpilot and many other review websites, AiGrow was founded on the belief that truly organic tactics are the only way to help brands and businesses gain real followers on Instagram.

For all the mentioned factors  AiGrow is the Best Instagram growth service in 2020.

I want to use AiGrow for free