What This Is All About – TOP Leadership Blog Award


This morning when I was checking my emails, I came upon an email that not only put a smile on my face but truly meant a lot.  I was honored by Feedspot as one of the TOP Leadership Blogs for 2016.  Honored, does not even begin to describe it.  I saw my blog among other leadership blogs that I have the utmost respect for.


I started this leadership and personal development blog back in June 2015.  I was hoping to expand my value by providing leadership and personal development tips.  Since then, I have engaged with amazing people both through my blog and my social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Every time I get a tweet or message informing me that one of my posts or tweets inspired them, I treasure that comment and message.  It is recognition for the time invested in this blog.


My goal was to add value, but it has also brought so much value to my life as well.  It not only has brought so much return on a personal level but to my career as well.  The tips and tricks I share are taken from successes and struggles that I have had on a personal and professional level.   It is amazing what you can achieve when you focus not on what you receive but on what you can bring.  It reminds me of the famous quote by Albert Einstein.


“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein


I wanted to share this recognition with you because you are the reason why I do this.  You….  YES, you reading this right now are the reason why I received the Award.  Whether it is through visiting my blog, subscribing to my newsletter or #5MinMotivation weekly newsletter.  I would not have received this award with you.


So, THANK YOU!  I hope to continue to bring value.  A special thank you to Feedspot for the recognition.