Using E-Learning In Employee Training [Infographic]


Employee training is an investment worth making.  Forty percent of employees who receive poor training leave their position within the first year.  Although there is a cost associated with training, statistics prove that it is even more expensive to leave training out of the onboarding process.  Turnover costs greatly outweigh training costs.


It’s challenging to ensure everyone is adequately trained when new features are constantly added or when procedures change.  That’s why E-Learning is a great tool for your employee training needs.


Where I currently work, E-Learning is a huge part of training and development.  When I was first onboarded, I liked the ease and functionality of being able to read the modules from wherever it was most convenient.  I was also easily able to track my progress.  My training modules combined text, video and audio touching several different senses.  It is easily adaptable to whichever learning method the user prefers.


Since the year 2000, the e-learning industry has grown by 900% and it’s no wonder with all its benefits.


When material becomes outdated, companies can easily input the new data without having to print out new material.


As a leader, I can easily monitor and track my team’s learning progress.  This way I can coach my team on the areas they most struggled with.


The following Infographic created by One Productions shows how companies can use E-Learning to conduct Employee Training.


Using E-Learning in Employee Training





The infographic not only shares some key statistics but tips on how to make the best use of your E-Learning.


Some of the Infographic Tips highlighted are:


  • Be consistent
  • Don’t slack off on the production quality
  • Stick to the essentials
  • Break longer training videos into chapters
  • Make it remarkable (get reaction)


What methods does your company use in the training of employees?