Vacuum for Shag Carpet: The Best Way to Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

Shag carpeting was mostly popular a few decades ago, but it might be making a resurgence in fashion. As a result, you might need to learn the simplest methods for vacuuming and cleaning a shag rug or carpet. This kind of floor covering might gather more dust and particles than materials with a low pile because of its deep pile. The first step in choosing the ideal vacuum for a shag carpet is to look for one without a beater bar and with a special high pile setting. Shag rugs are simpler to vacuum if you take them outside and give them a good shake to remove any remaining dirt before you begin. Only two vacuuming sessions per month are recommended.

Eye-catching Design

Shag is a popular choice for flooring because of its eye-catching design while being tough to clean. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to ensure that it precisely complements the interior design of the space. It is hard to resist this pattern because of how velvety and opulent the tall strands appear to be. Additionally, when you and the kids sit on the floor to play or watch a movie, it is much more comfortable than a low pile design. Consequently, more people are thinking about putting shag carpets these days.

How to Locate a High Pile Setting Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum for shag carpet you select needs to be able to clean the shag carpeting without tangling or catching on the moving elements of the machine because of the tall pile of shag carpeting. Shag presents a little bit of a barrier in this regard, but a special high pile setting allays worries. Furthermore, avoid choosing a vacuum that has a beater bar, or spinning roller, as many of them will almost definitely catch on the lofty strands.

Adjust the Height

You can adjust the height of most vacuums above the floor. While some models might simply have a few settings, others might offer several customizations; however, the more feature-rich ones will cost more. In light of this, pay special attention to the vacuum’s highest setting when choosing one to use with your shag carpeting. Verify that its high pile mode can accommodate the design of your carpet. The highest height setting on almost all vacuums should be sufficient for people who are a few inches taller. On the other hand, you could want a machine with a specific shag pile height setting if the pile is closer to 5 inches high.

How Not to Damage Shag Carpet when Vacuuming It

Some people believe that utilizing the lowest pile setting is the best way to vacuum a shag rug. Because the suction is as close to the ground as possible, where the dirt resides, they could think this is the best way to remove the dirt that is deeply lodged in the pile. Nevertheless, employing this setting typically results in tangles that could harm the carpet.


If you feel that the dirt isn’t coming out of the tall fibers using your high pile setting, you might want to try using the upholstery attachment. Although running this attachment by hand over a whole room can be inconvenient, it might be your best bet. An excellent option if you have a smaller shag rug is the hand attachment. For this use, the Eureka WhirlWind Bagless and the Bissell Zing 2154A Canister are both excellent options. Shag rugs are easier to vacuum if you take them outside and shake them to get rid of as much dirt as you can before starting. Vacuuming should only be done twice a month.