What’s The One Important Key To Being An Effective Leader?- A Leadership Exercise

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There is the type of leader that we are, and the type of leader that we would like to be.  How do you bridge the gap?  I have had several conversations with managers and leaders who have tried to convince me that lack of time is the reason why they didn’t have a development conversation with their team during the month.


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Recently I conducted a leadership effectiveness workshop.  The purpose of this workshop was to share insights on what makes an effective leader.  I also emphasized on THE key to being an effective leader.


Without a proper mindset, no matter how many leadership books you read, how many leadership workshops you attend, you might get temporarily motivated to use the tools you learned but you won’t see permanent results.

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Do you want to be an effective leader?  Is it really important to you?

Then decide.  Decide today that you will learn what you need to become that effective leader.


Ensure you have the right mindset.

Why do some people take special care in eating the right foods and exercising regularly?

These people understand that the body is what the body is fed.  In the same way, your mind is what your mind is fed.

Mind food is your environment – all the countless things that influence your conscious and subconscious thought.

You want to be a great leader?  Feed your mind with what is necessary to be an effective leader.


Read the necessary books.

Seek out advice from great leaders.

Ensure that you make it a practice to grow as a leader.

When you have the right mindset concerning leadership, anything is possible.  The right mindset will allow you to put in the investment needed in becoming an effective leader.

You will realize that every productive minute spent with your team brings about a synergistic return.


1 + 1 ≠ 2

1 + 1 = 3 or more


When you truly understand and realize its importance, you have taken the first step in becoming an effective leader.

What has helped you become an effective leader?


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