How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek Ted Talks [Video]

I wrote recently about starting with the Why with personal development when trying to improve on a skill. I wanted to share with you a video from Simon Sinek that masterfully explains Why in more detail.

In this video, Simon discusses the pattern that all successful leaders have in inspiring action. According to Simon, all these leaders think, act, and communicate in the same way.

They focus on the Why.

What is Why?

Simply put, if you can communicate why you do something before communicating the how and what you do, you will inspire action.

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When we communicate from the outside in, people will understand vast amounts of information, but it doesn’t drive behavior. When we communicate from the inside out, we communicate directly to people’s emotions. This in turn drives action.

I love his description of the Golden Circle with the Why right in the middle. He gives excellent examples of Leaders that have done this well such as Apple and Martin Luther King. They continuously communicated on what they believed and in turn, people believed in what they believed.

Enjoy the video and share your thoughts below.

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