Why Certification is Important for HR Professionals

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HR professionals are an important part of any organization, not only do they manage all the administrative tasks but they also ensure all the employees are working to the best of their potential and have all the necessary resources to perform well. Being an HR professional is a difficult task, you have to maintain a balance between helping out employees as you are an advocate for them while working in the favor of the organization. 

The job of an HR is also extremely draining and this means they are busy all the time. As an HR professional, finding time to actually focus on your career development and advancement can be a challenging task. While there are a lot of resources available for an HR to learn from such as courses or online HR certification programs, you may find it difficult to handle them while there’s already so much on your plate. However, what if you get the chance of earning HR credentials from the comfort of your home or while managing your professional life?

Well, online certifications help you do just that!

With advancements in the industry and evolving technology taking over the HR world, the importance of refreshing your knowledge as well as gaining new knowledge is more essential than ever, especially if you want to make a successful career as an HR professional. 

While applying for an HR course or certification may seem like an unnecessary burden and the last thing you want to do, an online certification program is convenient, time-saving, as well as cost-effective. Not to forget, the benefits of earning the right certification are numerous and can help you get your career to new heights. 

Online HR Certification Programs

There are plenty of HR certifications and courses available online however, you have to select the right one to gain maximum benefit from it. What does selecting the right one mean? Well, there are multiple levels of HR certifications and you can choose the one best suited to your needs and requirements based on your work experience. HRAcademia offers three online HR certification courses right now:

  • CHRP-Online – Certified Human Resource Professional

Suitable for HR professionals of all levels, CHRP is one of the most widely known HR certifications in the world. It prepares you to face the challenges that come with the job role of an HR and also provides you with all the relevant knowledge and skills required to perform well as an HR. Whether you are a beginner stepping into the world of HR or a professional who has years of experience, registering for a CHRP is always a good option. 

  • SHRP-Online – Senior Human Resource Professional 

As the name suggests, an SHRP is designed for HR professionals who reside at a senior or managerial level. The certification brushes up your already acquired HR industry knowledge with the latest trends and helps your career advancement. If you are a working HR professional who wants to switch up their job or simply seeking a promotion then a SHRP certification is the way to go. 

  • CTDP-Online – Certified Training and Development Professional 

For HR professionals who want to pursue a career in training and development. A CTDP certification equips you with knowledge regarding training, designing training curricula, analyzing training, evaluating training performance, and more. If you are a training and development professional in the HR department who wants to gain additional knowledge or an HR professional who wants to switch their role to training and development, a CTDP is a great choice. 

Importance of Online HR Certifications for HR Professionals 

The value of HR Professionals in an organization is increasing day by day as their job responsibilities grow. HR professionals have become an integral part of an organization’s growth and are expected to play a part in every operation and process. However, not many HR professionals have knowledge regarding the operations of an organization other than administration or recruitment because HR degrees did not use to cover all these aspects. 

However, online HR certifications are completely aligned with the requirements of the current HR industry. HR certifications contain fresh and relevant information about the newest trends in the field and equip you with the knowledge required to become a successful HR professional. Here are a few more benefits of earning one or more certifications:

Stand Out Among Your Peers

You instantly become more valuable as an employee when you acquire an additional qualification like an HR certification. Becoming a certified professional makes you outshine the other candidates hence, increasing your chances of getting hired or receiving a promotion. Since a certification implies that you have additional knowledge and skills than a non-certified professional, you become more valuable to your employer. Also, even though certifications are not mandatory for a job, you are more likely to attract a recruiter’s attention when you apply for a job after acquiring an HR certification. 

Higher Salary 

Acquiring an online HR certification equips you with all the knowledge required to excel at your job role and fulfill all your professional responsibilities in a better way. This means you can get paid more than you did before becoming a certified professional. Knowing that you have the additional knowledge also provides you with the confidence to ask for promotions or a pay raise. According to a study, certified HR professionals earn about 90% more than non-certified professionals. 

Career Advancement 

You get a lot of new information and gain knowledge about how to excel at performing your daily job duties and responsibilities after you acquire an HR certification. This results in career development and advancement as your employer starts to view you as a more valuable asset. Having an HR certification also showcases your dedication to your job which automatically means your likelihood of receiving a promotion increases. You also become eligible for higher and senior-level positions after becoming a certified professional. 

Develop Advanced Skills and Knowledge

An HR certification helps you develop advanced skills required to perform higher-level jobs for example, if you are a mid-level or a managerial-level HR professional and you acquire an SHRP certification, you will be able to gain advanced knowledge and develop the essential skills required to perform a job of higher level. advancing knowledge and skills can help improve job performance. An HR certification will help you brush up on your knowledge regarding relevant topics and the newest technology and will keep you updated on the latest trends in the HR industry.

Online HR certifications are really important for HR professionals who are looking to advance their careers. Although earning an HR certification requires a lot of energy and you will have to invest time in it, becoming a certified HR professional is worth it and will do wonders for your job.