Working For Growth – 5 Marketing Strategies That Work For Your SAAS Company

The biggest truth today is that you haven’t come across any useful marketing strategies that deliver results for your SaaS company and do not sound too “sales pitchy.” Technology has become cheaper over the years but the attention of your consumers has become far more expensive. The only way to grab it is through marketing strategies that speak to them directly. Let’s discuss a few such strategies right now:

  1. Content Marketing Is Subtle And Effective

Content marketing has been around for quite a while now. Businesses all around the world have tried their hands at this strategy and they have come out winners. Whether it is about your startup or an already existing business, content marketing gives you a lot of advantages. The investment is minimal and the return is phenomenal. The most important thing is that it continues to drive leads for your business without you having to pay a significant price. There are numerous forms of content marketing such as SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, and a lot more.

  1. Coming To Search Engine Optimization

To promote your SAAS business, Search Engine Optimization seems like the most ideal strategy to employ. It has two primary categories:

  • On-Page SEO

On-page search engine optimization is completely within your control. All you need to do is create content that your prospects want to read. Link to this content and quote authoritative websites. Share this content around and always follow a specific and highly targeted keyword strategy.

  • Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is strictly link-building. But there is a little more to it than just that. Links are definitely important but their quality is also vital to the success of your SaaS company. They must be authoritative and should have a solid industry standing. So remember to include links that have a strong reputation in the industry that hold relevance to your business.

  1. Try Email Marketing As A PR Tool

Email marketing allows your business to generate awareness in a highly targeted consumer base very easily. It is a great way to build more credibility for your business startup and remember, it can be easily incorporated into your overall Public Relations function as well. Because it shares some of its basic principles with the PR function, all you have to do is perform a quick SaaS PR overview and you will find that both of them focus on:

  • Improved brand recognition 
  • Creation of consumer excitement 
  • Enhancing website traffic 
  • Boosting online sales

A few tricks to make your email marketing campaign successful:

  • It is critical to constantly work on your subscriber list and make sure that you do not move out of your target demographic 
  • You must remember to personalize each email that you write to your prospects so that they get the feeling that you care about their preferences 
  • Always focus on providing valuable content and never include long and pointless sales pitches
  • A/B testing is also very important when creating and sending out marketing emails so make sure to create at least two versions of the same copy and test them on your prospects
  • Apart from your call to action button, it is advised to include useful resources in your targeted emails 
  • Always remember never to send out too many emails to your recipients because that is only going to dilute your importance in their eyes
  1. Product Trials Never Go Out Of Fashion

This is very true, product trials are never going to go out of fashion. It is essentially valid and relevant for the SaaS industry because your consumers would want to “test drive” your product before they become willing to pay for a paid version of the same. Remember, product trials are effective only when you are catering to a tech-savvy demographic. This means that your prospects and consumers who already have ample knowledge about your software as a service should be your first preference. The value that they can derive from your product trials is going to determine whether they would want to purchase a paid version of the same in the future or not.

  1. Finally…Think About Hiring An Influencer

This is one of the hottest and most happening trends that you could pick for your SaaS company. Whether the influencer has any technology-related knowledge or background or not, the persona of that individual is going to impact your sales significantly. 

So yes, remember to choose the right social media influencer for your brand. And if you can find someone who is as tech-savvy as your audience, nothing is going to beat that.