15 Ways To Manage Your Time Wisely [Infographic]


Do you think that your productivity reflects but a fraction of what you are really capable of?


If so, this infographic will be of use to you.


Now, there is no need for self-deprecation. Recognizing your shortcomings is a promising beginning. After all, progress is always made one small step at a time. And that’s our keyword for today: time.


Chances are, you are running short on time these days.


There is a reason why some people seem to have very little time to accomplish everything they want. That’s because time is relative. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to understand what this means. It’s not about quantum physics; it’s about your approach to your schedule.


Let’s take typical clerks, as an example. They are busy and tired, and the constant rush makes them feel like they are always running out of time. And this rush makes for some poor time management.


However, these same people can significantly boost their performance and use their time more efficiently.


And you can, too, with a few helpful techniques that will show you how to accomplish as much as possible as fast as possible without unnecessary haste. If you want to get better at time management, take a look at the 15-tip infographic down below.


15 Ways to Manage your Time Wisely


Infographic by Jack Milgram Custom-Writing.Org


The infographic created by Jack Milgram has a lot of simple but effective tips. Try a few this week and measure your progress.


Start small and choose a few to test right away.


Five of my favorites:

Take 30 Minutes each morning to perfect your plan.
Not taking the time to plan your day or week makes it difficult to create a life of intention.

If you don’t plan your life, you fall into someone else’s plan.


Prepare for the Unplanned
I always build flex time into my schedule and use it for unforeseen urgencies. This way if something comes up, it doesn’t impact what was already on my schedule.


Build a Wall
Probably one of the best advices but one of the hardest to accomplish. When you are working on your most important actions that will lead you to goal accomplishment, shut off all distractions. Turn off notifications and avoid Social Media.


Batch Similar Tasks
One quick and effective productivity tip is batching similar tasks together whenever possible. Applied to personal productivity, it’s about grouping similar tasks that require the same resources in order to carry them out in a row.


Some examples of batch tasking:
• Schedule all your meetings on the same day
• Conduct all your reporting at the same time
• Review invoices at the same time each week


Find your motivation triggers
This is probably one of the most important tips. There are plenty of time management tips available in almost all available mediums. Do not choose the most popular ones but the ones that work for you. If you love checking things off a list, then choose a task management app. If you prefer writing things down, then forget all electronic options.


Which tip will you apply this week?