30 Positive Affirmations for Work Success in 2022

While opportunities for female entrepreneurs have been on the rise, that doesn’t mean a woman’s role in the workplace is without challenges. Women often report struggling with societal expectations, lack of confidence, and a general lack of support at work. 

It’s no surprise, then, that many women make at least one New Year’s resolution related to doing better at work. To find success in those resolutions, add positive affirmations to your mindful morning routine.

Positive affirmations work by cutting off the cycle created when you engage in negative self-talk. To work, you need to practice them every day, so print off these handy positive affirmation cards and leave them where you’re sure to see them. Then, say them out loud to yourself in a confident voice and before you know it, your new confidence will shine through for others to see.

Personal Growth Affirmations

Getting ahead at work usually involves going above and beyond your everyday responsibilities. Use these positive growth affirmations to push yourself outside your comfort zone to learn something new or take on a new responsibility.

Anxiety Affirmations

Everyone gets anxious at work at one point or another. Whether you are worried about that pitch you’re giving today or your quarterly review meeting, these affirmations can help you center yourself before stressful situations. 

Self-Esteem Affirmations

Work can take a toll on your self-esteem, especially if you work in a high-stakes profession or are new to the role. So remind yourself how awesome you are with these self-esteem affirmations.

Write Your Own Affirmations

Everyone’s job and goals are different, so write your own affirmations using the template below if none of these work for you!

Learn more about positive affirmations for women and start your journey to the woman you want to be in 2022.