31 Best Productivity Apps To Use In 2020


Our attention is continually being pulled and diverted from our daily tasks. Do you frequently find yourself staring at your phone, wasting time on the web, and making no progress with your workload?


Don’t worry. There are numerous productivity apps available to remove distractions and keep you moving towards your goals.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, productivity hacker, or just simply working on improving your productivity, here is our ultimate guide of apps to help you stay on task and increase productivity in 2020.

What is the best habit tracking app? (habit tracker)


1. ObjektivApp

ObjektivApp is an evidenced-based productivity app that you can use to get things done, maintain, and form new habits. It specifically focuses on how to achieve your goals through the use of implementation actions and financial penalties – rather than just vague and empty promises to yourself about what you want to achieve.


Implementation actions are triggers that make you do something (e.g I’ll do 10 setups every time there’s an ad break). Financial penalties help motivate you to actually follow through on your implementation actions.


You stake money that you will follow your implementation actions. Each time you self report that you didn’t follow through, ObjektivApp gives part of your stake to an organization you hate.


2. Habitica

Habitica is undoubtedly, the funnest way to get those difficult tasks done and even form new habits along the way. Habitica gamifies your life by making the tasks you need to do part of a massive adventure role-playing game.


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Habitica Productivity App 2020


With its in-game rewards and punishments, you’ll be motivated and inspired towards your goals – and keep your character building and progressing.


It also has a large social network to which helps to inspire (pressure) you. So, if you’re looking to kill monsters (and old habits) and get things done then start your adventure to better productivity with Habitica.


3. HabitMinder


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