Small Business Marketing Tips During the Coronavirus Crisis

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We are facing a very difficult time in our lives, and many people and businesses have been affected by the Coronavirus crisis. The economy and businesses, small and larger alike, are struggling today, or they have been completely closed. Many of them have been completely transferred online. Now more than ever, there is a need for successful marketing strategies. It’s the perfect time to work on your business, even though you are limited to „only“ the internet. This can be a great opportunity for your small business to thrive and become stronger. Read on to see our small business marketing tips.


Stay Connected

The majority of people and your customers are spending their time indoors with access to technology and the internet, which means they are probably using social media a lot more than usual. This can be a perfect opportunity for you and your business to expand to social media if you haven’t already. Social media is an amazing form of communication and connecting with potential customers. Engage with your following and create amazing content that will get noticed and make an impact. Even if people can’t use your product or service now, they will still remember you when life returns to normal, and they will be able to try what you have to offer.


Improve Your Online Presence

Since the majority of people are spending their time online now, it’s important for your business and your brand to create and improve your online presence. Having an online presence now means that you will reach many more customers that have an interest in your products or services. Marketing and connecting in traditional ways of events and trade shows are canceled and not advisable, so you have to be present online more than ever. Inspect your website and see if you need to change anything to fit the current demand. This can be prioritizing home products and food, or entertainment.


Adapt to Your Customers Needs

Since or lives are completely changed and we need to adapt to the new ways of living, this also includes business and how they operate and what they offer. Depending on your branch of business and what you can offer to customers, you should adapt accordingly. Maybe you are scared that you have to close down your business completely, but that doesn’t have to be the case. For example, if you are a fast-food restaurant, or even a regular restaurant, instead of closing completely, why not transfer your business online if you haven’t until now? Focus on online orders, delivery, and takeouts. This way you will still have a profit.


Adjust Your Offers

If you have transferred your business largely online, you have to change your advertisements accordingly. To be successful in this time you need to adapt to the situation, including how you present your business and advertise what you are offering. If the consumers are unable or unwilling to buy your product or use your service at the moment, try to adapt. Maybe you have to change the wording in your advertisements, create a new catchphrase, update your branding, etc.


Plan For The Future

You have been given the time and space to expand your marketing and improve your reach and sales, even if it’s in the future. If you feel stuck, use this time to think of new ways to market your business in the future. Digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, so you can improve it even now when you don’t have as much revenue as before. Keep your website up-to-date so you don’t have to start from scratch when this is all over. You have to stay relevant and in the know of all the marketing trends that are going to emerge now. For the future, create new campaigns, content, products, etc.


Improve your SEO

People are online, which means your business should be there, and it should be easily found too. If people can’t find your website easily, it’s really bad for your business and this way you miss out on many new customers. You need good SEO if you don’t want to get lost among many other websites and your competition. The goal is for potential customers to come across your website at the top of search results when they search for a keyword that is critical for your industry. If you have good copywriters and content marketers, they will know how to write good SEO content. Improve your SEO now to beat your competition.


PPC Advertising

Depending on your industry, you can use this time to increase your PPC advertising. Think about if your business is relevant and essential to the current situation. If it’s in the domain of essential services, entertainment, communication, homeschooling and working from home, etc, you should promote it. Review your current campaigns and copies to see if they fit the current situation. If you need help, contacting a PPC agency Melbourne service will be great for marketing and your business. For example, „Visit us in-store“ is no longer viable and will not gain clicks. You can include shipping information and any change in operating hours and services. Use this opportunity to push any special offers and discounts. If a part of your service or product is not currently needed, don’t try to advertise it.


Track Your Metrics

Lastly, use this time to track your marketing metrics and data. Notice what works and what doesn’t anymore and adjust accordingly. Reduce or stop any marketing that is not relevant anymore or that lacks impact. If you want a good marketing strategy, take your time and don’t make any sudden or rash changes. Always analyze all of your data before making a decision. Keep your head leveled and be cautious if you are reacting to sudden shifts in the economy.


This is a perfect time for self-improvement and improvement of your business and marketing strategies. You need to keep pushing forward and come up with new ways of making your business stay relevant. You have already worked hard on your business, so don’t let it go to waste. Remember, the situation will improve after some time, and you need to be ready to bounce back on the market.