Standing Out On Social Media With Animated Videos

With more than 3 billion users, social media has become the most potent tool of business growth and expansion. Social Media not only helps create brand awareness but also helps bring potential customers on-board. But do you know about the best social media marketing strategy? Well, an animated video is, by far, considered to be the most powerful strategy by marketing experts for increased online engagement and web traffic.


An animated video is a short video in CGI 2D-3D animation that gets automatically played in the newsfeed section of social media. The beautiful visuals combined with strong voice-over grabs the attention of the customers and make them curious about the business product and service. Animated videos are popular for their fun elements. Such videos present a complex business idea and subject in a highly interactive way.


Considering the preference of the public for watching videos over a monotonous reading of the text, it is highly recommended that one must invest in an animated video. The duration of an animated video usually ranges from 60 to 90 seconds that makes it really quick to watch and therefore less time-consuming. And the most interesting part, animation videos are highly cost-effective i.e. these videos involve low production costs as compared to a film shoot or a live video. These videos are also shareable across all the major platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and YouTube, etc.


Using an animated video for social media marketing can boost your business and bring you leaps of potential customers. You may get customized animated videos tailor-made as per your requirements to hit the target audience by including data, stories, statistics, etc. Thus, Animated Videos are the most powerful and engaging medium to share your business story with millions of prospective customers. It is truly the best strategy to stand out on social media.


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