5 Reasons Your Employee is Looking for a Job Change


An organization puts in a considerable effort to train and polish the talent of its employees. It is because of this constant effort that you feel disheartened and cheated when your employee leaves your office. Though you have put your heart and soul into the right honing of your employee, there are some definite reasons, which must have pushed your employee to take the major decision of stepping back from the job responsibilities offered to him. This blog is meant to introduce you to the other side, knowing which is certainly imperative for the continuous growth of your organization. This is the side of your employee’s mind, which is frequently fluctuating, to decide between staying in your organization or choosing the other lucrative job opportunities, which are repeatedly being offered to him.


  1.       Uncomfortable working environment

This is one of the major reasons that refrain you from coming to the workplace. The same can be the case with your employee, who is not very much happy with the work culture of your company, therefore creates a gap in his association with you. Thus, you need to make sure that you should let the breeding of a very happy and optimistic working atmosphere in your official space. This not only allows your employees to contribute positively towards the making of your right future but also paves the perfect path of employee engagement. Additionally, engaged employees are the biggest assets for the company’s growth and their continuous involvement can certainly prove to be highly beneficial for the same.


  1.       No appreciation of the work

Every employee, who is working for your organization aims for getting a pat on his back at regular intervals. This appreciation not only helps him to work better but also adds to his confidence and pushes him to stay connected with your organization for a longer period. Additionally, this very acknowledgment is truly influential to help your employee recognize his true worth and prompts him to work actively more often. Moreover, each of us works for the sake of recognition, which has the power to effortlessly bind us to the very cause and rules our alliance with the company. Therefore, you should make it a point to never miss a chance to appreciate your employees and make them realize their role in the accomplishment of the company’s goals.


  1.       Extensively burdened work structure

This certainly is an important factor, which dissociates your employees from your office. If you are providing humane rather than human treatment, then your employees are sure to leave your organization. Therefore, it is a mandate to serve your employees right and give them the proper space to flourish their minds in a positive direction. Also, you need to make sure that your employees are not overburdened with work. The over pressurizing of the tasks will not only put their mind in a stressed state but will also distance them from the zest of working. So, you definitely should not put an extra burden on your employees and take a toll on their peace of mind.


  1.       Unhygienic work environment

A very negative factor, which is just not acceptable in any part of the world, is the unhygienic work environment. The unclean work environment not only acts as a threat to the health of your employees but also brings a very saddening effect on their faces for the day long. Most importantly, the washrooms and the sitting space of your employees should be clean and free from any pungent smell. Therefore, to bring a happy and healthy smile on your employee’s face, you should make sure to have some clean and poised surroundings. Moreover, disinfected and uncluttered workspaces are sure to attract more attention to the employees and they love to spend their days in a lovely hygienic environment.


  1.       No engagement of employees

To maintain the longevity of the working process with your employees, it is highly essential to make them feel engaged and develop a sense of belongingness in them. This is the process, which allows them to build trust in you and your style of work. Therefore, you need to incorporate a working culture that creates space for you and your employees to interact with each other. It is with the installation of this highly effective working culture that you are able to earn the high trust of your employees and they give their 100 percent in the achievement of results. Also, when you have a higher percentage of fully engaged employees in your organization, then you get support from the best and fully dedicated workforce.


Thus, in order to retain your employees for long in your organization, it is imperative for you to build a healthy and calm working culture. To gain the ever-growing support and love of your organization, you can quickly adopt some of the points mentioned below

  1.       Have a worthy interaction with your employees
  2.       Make them feel belonged and resourceful
  3.       Value their inputs and get them involved in fruitful discussions
  4.       Celebrate often with your employees
  5.       Boost their confidence by appreciating their work
  6.       Give them the power to speak
  7.       Provide them with a clean and happy environment
  8.       Arrange team building activities to make them feel comfortable
  9.       Motivate them to take part in extra tasks
  10.           Let their creativity bloom


It is a definite solution to maintain the progressive nature of your employees and earn their trust in your working environment. In addition to forming a relatively long alliance with your organization, the unfollowing of the first-mentioned steps will save your company from losing some of the most cherished and impeccable gems.