5 Ultimate SEO Tools for Startups


If you want investors and the target audience to know about your startup, you need media support. The first thing to do is to create a website where potential users and business angels will find detailed information about the idea you have come up with. There are several ways to promote a website, and SEO promotion should be a part of your strategy as well.  However, a lot of startup initiators believe that this will take a very long time and will require significant financial investments. They are partially right, however, with the right SEO tools for Chrome and a well-thought promotion strategy, you may speed up the results from SEO.

In this article, you will find the top 5 apps that will not flatten your wallet and will help with making your startup website visible in the top search results on the Internet. Of course, these applications are not free, but the functionality they provide is worth every penny paid.

Top 5 Apps To Blow Up Search Engines

There are a lot of solutions on the market that promise the quick-win. However, which of them are really useful and capable of boosting your website visibility? You do not need to ponder this question, as you will get an answer further. Next, you will find the top tools worth paying attention to. The apps in this list correspond to different usage levels.

  1. Adsy

As you know, the quality of your content and the right keywords stuffing is only one of the requirements that Google takes into account while ranking your pages. One more important factor is the presence of high-quality backlinks. When someone links back to your content, this is the sign for the search engines that your materials are really useful and worth sharing.

Guest posting is one of the main strategies to get high-quality backlinks to your website. What is more, this strategy is not prohibited by Google. However, it always takes a lot of time to find the authoritative websites that accept guest posts and create high-quality articles that will be published by third-party platforms.

The Adsy is an easy guest post service for automating your guest publishing strategy. With its help, you may find the most suitable sites using dozens of filters, and order the creation of a piece of content that will contain a link to your project. Also, guest posting is a way to attract new users to your website. 


  • High-quality blog posts and social media posts created according to your requirements; 
  • Your content will be published on the perfect-match platforms to attract live traffic and strengthen your SEO positions with high-quality do-follow backlinks;
  • You may accept the guest posts and publish them on your website, diversifying your content, and getting better SEO results;
  • Quite affordable prices plus a welcome bonus.


  • You need to work on your guest posting strategy constantly to get visible results.
  1. Crazy Egg

This is one of the best apps for generating heatmap. In other words, this application will provide you with information on how users interact with the site. Moreover, this app will reflect where visitors from social networks go more often and where users from search engines spend more time.

When working on a startup, you need to understand the patterns of user behavior, finding out what attracts users the most, and what makes them leave the site. The tool will help analyze content that plays a key role in both SEO promotion and the success of a startup. All this in one tool, the cost of which is fully consistent with its functionality.


  • The app gives a lot of useful information on users’ behavior to improve the conversion of the site;
  • The tool is intuitive and very easy to use;
  • Accurate information about the moment at which users leave the site;
  • The ability to test texts, headings of articles.


  • The need to customize each page;
  • The heatmap has limited visualization.
  1. Moz Pro

An interesting feature of this app is that its metrics have become the industry standard for SEO. Even if the specialist uses other tools, Moz Pro’s metrics are respectful being some kind of benchmark.

This tool is suitable for any company’s size, whether it is a small startup or an international business. We can safely say that this tool can be a single solution for working on SEO.


  • A powerful tool for working on SEO promotion. The application has practically no weak points;
  • A complete SEO tool;
  • Convenient suggestion for optimizing each component of the SEO.


  • Suitable for larger projects, whilst for some medium and small businesses this tool can be difficult;
  • Not quite easy to use, novice specialists may face some difficulties for the first time.
  1. Netpeak Checker

The Netpeak blog alone is a treasury of useful information for everyone involved with the site promotion. As for the app, everything is obvious. It is in great demand among SEO specialists.

This tool will allow you to check the most famous services, the number of which exceeds 1200. This alone is already becoming a significant indicator of the uniqueness of this tool. You get a tool that will allow you to evaluate link donors, help you analyze the promotion strategy, and check the site for basic SEO parameters.


  • The ability to analyze competitors;
  • The tool will collect contact information;
  • Analysis of social media activity.


  • Some functions can cause difficulties, there is a need for additional training sources;
  • Lack of ability to customize the report design and limited infographic capabilities.
  1. Ahrefs

When promoting a startup, it is important to take into account not only your shortcomings but also remember the actions of competitors. This tool will allow you to analyze the link mass of the site and find backlinks, conduct competitor analysis, and build a successful strategy.

It is one of the more popular tools that most companies use. This is not the cheapest solution on the market, however, there are functions that you can use for free.


  • The ability to find the amount and source of backlinks;
  • Analysis of positions taking into account keywords;
  • If you have an international project, you can get an analysis of the referring countries and domain zones.


  • The color scheme and design look outdated and chaotic;
  • Lack of information on whether the backlink is spam or not.

Final Verdict

While all of the above tools are some of the best on the market, you need to actively learn how to use them. Probably, you do not need all these 5 applications, but you need to utilize one or two that suit your SEO goals most and spend your time learning how to use their best features. Learn the intricacies of the tool that works best for you and become a confident user. Then all your actions will be as result-generating as possible.