8 Questions To Ask Yourself About The People That You Surround Yourself With #5MinMotivation


Growing up you have probably been told to choose your friends wisely.  If you are a Parent, you have probably given the exact same advice to your children.  In fact, hanging out with the “right crowd” can become an important aspiration for most teenagers in school.  Then, we get older and get caught up with our career, our family and the attainment of material possessions that we don’t take time to look at who we are spending our time with.  We forget the impact that the people that you surround yourself with can have.  In fact, it can be one of the most important decisions you can make.


When you are climbing those mountains and facing those walls, the people around you can either help you remove those obstacles, or set even more before you.  When you share your dreams with those around you, do they make you feel like you can or that you can’t?


Jon Vroman in his Podcast, “The Front Row Factor” talks about the 8 People who deserve a Front Row Seat to your life.  How do you identify those 8 people? By answering 8 questions.  When you read through the following 8 questions, try and identify who are the first people that come to your mind.


Here are 8 Questions to Ask Yourself about the People that you Surround Yourself With:
  1. Who are you with when you laugh the most?
  2. Who are you with when you learn the most? Who challenges you and asks you thought provoking questions?
  3. Who are you with when you feel the most alive and boosts your energy levels?
  4. Who shows up in your darkest hours? When things are tough, who doesn’t bail on you?
  5. Who do you call when you are most proud? Someone who celebrates with you and wants you to succeed.
  6. Who do you think of in your heart when I say “Awesome Friend”. Trust your gut with the answer.
  7. Who asks you about your dreams and goals? Who follows up and remembers them?
  8. Who brings out the best in you and helps bring out your natural talent? Who has the ability to bring out strengths in you that you didn’t even know you had?


I hope you got benefit from this exercise and realized the person or persons who really make the best positive impact in your life.  Do your best to spend as much time with them as possible and cherish them.




Now the real challenge, flip the questions around and ask yourself, “Who are you being for others”?



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