Can I Get a Kenya Visa on Arrival?

Now the Kenya visa on arrival has been discontinued at the end of 2020 and from the advent of 2021, now you can only get a Kenyan visa by applying electronically, and now the Kenya visa on arrival has been replaced by the  Kenya e visa. This step has been taken to ensure the convenience of the visitors as it is more convenient for the visitors to get a visa before they arrive in the country. When you are applying for a Visa for Kenya on your arrival to the country, sometimes the whole procedure of the Visa for Kenya issuance can take a long time. The visitor may have to stay for a long period at the airport to clear the security. Now the  Visa Kenya is mandatory for everyone to get electronically to avoid these unwanted delays at the airport.

We are discussing all the details of getting the Visa for Kenya on arrival and what are the latest updates about it.

The procedure of getting a Kenya visa: 

43 countries can get the visa on arrival but still, they need to apply online and their on-arrival visa is handed over to them when they enter the country. The on-arrival visa is in a way not applicable to the same way as it was in the past. Now from the start of the current year, 2021all foreigners have to apply for a Kenyan visa online. It makes no difference whether you are traveling for a tourism purpose or some other. The main purpose of Kenya is tourism, as Kenya is a country, where the government has preserved the wildlife as it was centuries ago, tourists and researchers around the world visit this country to observe the wildlife in its natural habitat and to enjoy it. Tourism is one of the major contributors to the country’s economy.

Why the tourists prefer Kenya e visa preferable: 

The tourist finds it amazingly preferable to get a Kenya e visa or the Kenya visa online. The main reason for that is the tourist have to wait for hours to complete the procedure of issuance of the Kenya visa and it can make the whole journey a headache for them, as getting the Kenya e visa before their arrival to the country is more feasible, everyone wants to be comfortable resting on their bed after the long journey to this African country. When you need to wait for hours at the airport, it can be a great discomfort and it can be a great hurdle in enjoying your journey. So from the start of 2021.


The Kenyan government has officially discontinued the Kenyan visa on arrival to avoid this inconvenience. The other thing here is the government has to estimate they can accommodate at one time, so they issue the Kenya e visa according to their capacity and to ensure the maximum security in the country. SO it is quite better to apply online for the Kenyan visa and enjoy your stay.