This Flowchart Helps You Identify What Type Of Salesperson You Are


The Sales Department of any organization is one of its most important.  They usually are the last contact between the employee and your company.  They also are the main drivers of top line sales.  If your sales team is not solid, it won’t matter how good you are at cutting costs.


There are many different types of salespeople and although there may be certain traits that are a stronger predictor of success, there is no perfect sales type.


Personalities vary and what motivates one person to grind to achieve results may not be the same motivator for another.


The sales profession is not an easy one.  You need to be able to take No’s and still push forward.  There will be green pastures along the way, but there will also be tumbleweeds where you will still be expected to meet quotas.


I started my career in sales.  I was not the confident go-getter you typically see in movies.  I am an introvert and was more of the salesperson that didn’t stand out until the rankings came out.  What I did well was listen, making my customers feel like they were understood and able to trust my recommendations.  Now with today’s technologies and CRM capabilities, business’ can really identify customer needs.


Get CRM created a fun flowchart to help you identify which fictional salesperson you identify with.  Where do you stack up against some of the most famous salespeople from pop culture?


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Fictional Salesperson Flowchart


Did your results surprise you?


This flowchart is meant to be fun but can highlight some important attributes.


I like the fact that it starts by asking the question as to why you are in sales.  The why, tends to be an important motivator for anything in your life.


Here are some commonalities among the most effective salespeople:


  • Resourcefulness
  • Charisma
  • Relentless determination
  • Trustworthiness and honesty
  • Compassion


What are your traits that help you succeed as a salesperson?