Help Leslie Live at Home with Multiple Sclerosis

It’s the first time I post this type of article but when it comes to family and my brother, I wanted to ensure I got the word out as much as possible.

My brother has been struggling with Progressive MS since 2017 and now finds himself having several bills to pay with no job. His story can be found on the GoFundMe page or below

My brother Leslie was diagnosed with Progressive MS in 2017. A father of 3 boys ages 8 to 15, he committed to fight this battle head-on. He was determined to keep on working but as his MS got worse, he had to make the hard decision to take what he calls a “forced early retirement.” With progressive MS, he found himself going from walking, to cane, to walker and soon motorized wheelchair in such a brief time. His family, including his wife and sons, have always been his priority and he will do whatever he can to ensure they keep the home they live in. The problem is that he can no longer get around. Going up the stairs to his bedroom is impossible without help. A refreshing shower becomes a dangerous adventure. What my brother needs is support in refitting his home. He is not someone who asks for help. So, I will ask for him. 

Your generous donation would go a long way to help him become more mobile in his home. Leslie shared with me that his projections for upcoming costs and past bills will reach close to $75,000.  My goal of $40,000 would help alleviate more than half of that amount.

An example of some of the many purchases and renovations he needs to make

·       A closed shaft lifting platform to be able to access the house. This would allow him to be independent in accessing the upper level of his home

·       Accessible shower without threshold. Without a sill to step over, this would make it easier for a wheelchair to roll right into the show. 

·       A motorized wheelchair so he can get around easier without relying on his failing legs,

Not to mention that although he had to stop working, the bills don’t. 

My brother is someone who never gives up hope. He has strength that goes beyond what his muscles can do. Please share his story.

Whatever donation you could make would make a huge difference. Thank you.