How BattlBox is Different from Bespoke: Which to Choose For Outdoors?

The Sampler box, created in 2004, is widely credited as the first of its kind, but subscription boxes have been around for quite some time and continue to be an exciting trend. Most people reading this presumably already know what a subscription box is, but let’s define it for the sake of the uninformed.

Subscription boxes are packages of specialty goods that are sent regularly. 

They are not only an effective method of distributing things but also of promoting new and selected products. They are excellent presents, especially for the guys in your life who are difficult to buy for. 

Therefore, in this article, we’ll compare BattlBox and Bespoke Post, two popular subscription boxes, to help you determine which is right.

BattlBox, What Is It?

For a good cause, BattlBox has become the world’s leading survival/tactical subscription box. They use mostly well-known, high-quality brands that serious tactical gearheads and outdoor enthusiasts would recognize. 

BattlBox is trying to win your allegiance based on the companies and products they’ve chosen to send you.   

1. Cost

BattlBox may work under a variety of different budgets. There are four tiers of subscriptions available to you: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus Box. The Basic Box starts at $34.99 per month and includes 3-5 high-quality, expert-tested outdoor and survival items. 

Members of the Pro Plus tier, who spend $169.99 per month on 6-9 products, are automatically enrolled in the Knife of the Month Club. Yes, a fresh blade every single month. If you find these costs too much even after considering the value you’ll receive, just remember that the average retail value of the contents of a Pro Plus Box, which costs $169.99, is $287. 

BattlBox itemizes your monthly savings so you can see them in black and white.

2. A Guide To Subscribing

Signing up for a BattlBox subscription is straightforward. Select the subscription plan best suits your needs and input your billing information. Your first shipment will be the Welcome Box. Once more, you are free to change your plan at any moment. You can even send a box as a present if you’d like.

3. Subscription Management

Simply sign in and select “cancel subscription” from the account menu at the bottom of the screen to end your subscription. After logging in, you can switch your subscription to a different box by visiting the same settings page. On the same page, you can also ignore a box without cancelling.

4. Is BattlBox Really That Good? 

This box is fantastic for tactics, survival, or the great outdoors and contains the most incredible tools and subscriptions, like the Knife of the Month. Such tools offers are only available there. In addition, quality tools are more likely to convert non-believers into survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts.

So, if you are an outdoor enthusiast looking for survival tools, BattlBox is perfect. 

What Exactly Is A Bespoke Post?

New York-based Bespoke Post is one of the few subscription services that makes us look forward to the mail again. They are dedicated to making your life easier and better; thus, they work hard to put together themed boxes of things that even skeptics of online shopping will be impressed with.  

The Bespoke Post team releases one or more new boxes every month, each containing high-quality items purchased from wherever the demand for such items is greatest. (Usually, this implies within the United States, but they also work with European vendors whose products are unparalleled in quality.) Cigars, leather bags, high-end barware, and backyard barbecues are just a few examples. 

1. Cost

You can join the club and save money on your Bespoke Post membership by subscribing for a longer length of time, or you can get Bespoke Post month-to-month and pay a slightly higher price per issue. Prices range from $55.00 for a one-time box order to $45.00 monthly with membership. 

A membership of the club is highly recommended if you plan on ordering even a single box because it is free, and you can cancel at any time.

2. Details On Joining

Bespoke Post subscriptions are easy and entertaining to manage. Both a custom login and a Facebook signup are available. The next step is to complete a brief questionnaire on your current way of living. 

Bespoke Post asks questions like “How often do you shave?” and “How often do you cook?” to determine what kind of lifestyle package you would benefit from the most. After that, just enter your shipping details, and you’re ready!

3. Subscription Management

Bespoke Post makes it simple to manage your subscription, whether you sign up for an annual plan or pay as you go. After logging in with your established credentials, you’ll have full control over the site’s settings.

When logged in, you have access to:

  • Refrain from checking any boxes.
  • Free cancellation of service is available.

4. Can We Say That It’s Worth The Effort? 

Bespoke Post’s dedication to only supplying the greatest products and services starkly contrasts those of other companies offering only small samples of dubious quality. A stylish pamphlet detailing the products’ origins and the inspiration for the box itself is included with each shipment. 

We advise looking through their entire selection to locate a box that speaks to you deeply but be forewarned that it may be challenging to narrow down your options to just one.

Bottom Line

Subscription box companies like BattlBox and Bespoke Post each serve a distinct customer base. It’s on you to determine which option is ideal for your needs. Pick a box that has what you need to succeed outdoors and in other areas of life.