How to Effectively Promote a Mobile App

Every mobile app needs promotion. Only the actions here are slightly different from the promotion of, for example, a website. Since a mobile app is essentially a product, it needs a full-fledged advertising campaign to spread knowledge about it and make your target audience want to install it on their gadget and use it for a long time.

To begin with, you have to make sure that your app meets all the requirements for its field. First of all, it is the relevance of the app and its uniqueness. Also of great importance is how user-friendly the app is. This is especially important for travel apps. If there are any problems with it, you can contact the experts. Travel app UI/UX design will not only help you promote your app effectively but also ensure that future users have a good user experience.

Promotional website

I highly recommend creating an official online presence for your app. This can be a separate promotional site or an elaborate landing page within the main company website. It all depends on the application itself, be it a startup or a communication element of a large company.

Content marketing

Make yourself known to the world. Pick resources your target audience spends time on, and publish a series of guest posts there, in which you talk about the benefits of your app. Give interviews, and record podcasts. Spread the word about the new app on your site and specialized platforms. Get active on social media.

Make a video about your app and promote it on YouTube. When promoting a mobile app with the help of YouTube vloggers, experts recommend that you turn to channels that deal with app reviews. There are dozens or even hundreds of them today. Ask for data on each of them: statistics, the actual number of subscribers, and then go out to negotiate.

Content marketing is a tool that does not produce an instant effect. But if you make a competent content strategy and plan the output of publications, generate useful content, and are able to reach your target audience as much as possible, after a while, you will feel the effect.

Working with opinion leaders

When promoting an app, it’s hard to do without the help of opinion leaders – influencers for your target audience. To reach millions, you need to identify a few people who listen to these millions and make them like your product and want to tell everyone about it.

Social media promotion

Targeted advertising is the ads and publications that a user sees in the feed, app, and website pages in desktop and mobile versions. Each social network has a special format for app ads.

Such ads are especially effective because you can make them as personalized as possible and show them only to narrow segments of the target audience. 

Integrated advertising on other apps

Communicate with potential customers in the apps they’ve already installed – place ads in popular apps. Categorize your target audience according to their interests by choosing the apps they are interested in. And put your banners on them. Google AdWords, for example, gives you such opportunities. 


You can promote your app with minimal costs as well as with a big advertising budget. If you have a limited budget for advertising, concentrate on what you can do on your own. Hang a banner on your site, print your printouts, design your checkout areas, actively manage your social networks, write articles for your blog and profile resources, make videos, and do email marketing.