Les Brown’s 11 Keys to Motivation – Week-long Motivation Series Part 3


The ability to self-motivate is key in order to achieve your dreams.  Life can get hard and whether or not you stay driven, will depend on your determination and your level of motivation.  Les Brown is a world-renowned motivational speaker.  His words have the ability to reach deep inside you and pull out your greatness.  His dynamic personality has the ability to make you BELIEVE that anything is possible.  This is why my motivational series would not be complete without including at least one of his videos, “Les Brown’s 11 Keys to Motivation”.


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In this video, created by Quotes from a Book, we hear Les Brown’s 11 Keys to Motivation:

  1. Work on Yourself

Les teaches that the first step in motivating yourself is the ability to be able to achieve self-mastery.  Never be satisfied with yourself.  Always strive to do and be more.  How?  Educate yourself by reading books that inspire and motivate you.  Subscribe to Blogs, like this one, hint hint, which keep your creative juices flowing.


  1. Develop a Health Plan

You cannot perform unless you have good health.  Make sure that your life plan contains a plan for your health as well.


  1. Live with Passion and Energy

The ability to smile despite circumstances is an ability that is invaluable.  You can find several books on the subject of how to keep your energy level high.  Do things that you are passionate about and this alone is an energy booster.


  1. Monitor your Inner Conversation

Take charge of your inner conversation.  Become a master of self-talk and shutting down negative thoughts.


  1. Know what you want

Writing down your goals engages your self-conscious mind.  Know what you want to accomplish and make sure that you keep it top of mind by writing it down.  Then read it 3 times per day.  Why?  Your self-conscious will be working on finding ways to make your goals come to fruition.


  1. Visualize it

You have to be able to see yourself accomplishing your goals.  How will you feel when you get there?  What kind of person do you need to be to get there?


  1. Know your Purpose

The why is what will get you going when you are confronted with obstacles.  Understand why you are doing it to overcome negativity.


  1. Master your Skill

Find something that you are passionate about and be the best at it.  This will increase your level of confidence.  Don’t compare yourself to others but only compete against yourself.


  1. Be Relentless

Recognize the fact that you will go through slumps.  In the face of difficult moments, be RELENTLESS.  It does not matter how hard you get hit, it matters that you get up every time you do.


  1. Take Action

If you wait for the ideal situation, it will never happen.  The ideal situation does not exist.  Are you waiting for more money?  More time?  Don’t.  Take action now towards your goals.  If you BELIEVE it, you can see it.  Don’t despair if no one else sees it, they don’t need to.  Only you need to see it.


  1. Focus on something larger than yourself

If you find a cause that you can contribute to that makes a difference, it will drive you to do more.  It will drive you to become more.


If the video got you inspired and you want to hear more of Les Brown, here are two great audio books I highly recommend:


Les Brown Live: Step Into Your Greatness CD/DVD Combo

People don’t fail because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit. High-octane speaker Les Brown advises to stop playing it safe and start creating what’s truly possible in life by stretching yourself, taking risks and surrounding yourself with positive, nourishing people.


It’s Not Over Until You Win: How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be — No Matter What the Obstacles Audio CD – by Les Brown (Author, Reader)

It’s Not Over Until You Win! demonstrates:
• How to cope with the loss of a loved one
• How to recover self-esteem when you lose your job
• How to keep away from self-destructive behavior


How do you self-motivate?  Which step in the video did you relate to the most?  Share your thoughts.



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